Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Announce Engagement The Old-Fashioned Way

“Game Of Thrones” co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged, and they made it official in the best way possible. For fans of the show, this has been a long time coming, but even those who don’t tune in have been watching these two be adorable on red carpets since they first confirmed their long-rumored relationship in April 2016.

The pair have been fairly private with their relationship despite their A-list celeb status, but this engagement is so much more than a rumor. In fact—it’s newspaper official.

Harington and Leslie took a very old-school approach to announcing their engagement to the world. They ran the announcement in London’s Times newspaper:

The announcement reads:

“Mr. K.C. Harington and Miss R.E. Leslie. The engagement is announced between Kit, younger son of David and Deborah Harington of Worcestershire, and Rose, middle daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire.”

How classy!

In a day when even pregnancies are announced over Snapchat, it’s refreshing to see a couple go a more old-school route.

Kit Harington Rose Leslie photo
Getty Images | Jeff Spicer

HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones” may have nearly come to a close (only one season left!), but the love story between these two characters is hardly over in real life.

Harington has opened up about the time he fell in love with Leslie. It happened while they were filming the second season of “Game of Thrones” in Iceland.

game of thrones kit harrington photo
Getty Images | Neilson Barnard

“Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love,” he said in a cover story for L’Uomo Vogue. “If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love.”

And their on-screen chemistry is very much explained by how well they get along in real life.

Back in 2013, Harington said in an interview with Winter Is Coming, “We really get on as friends and we hit it off very quickly when we first met and I think that reflects onscreen, because we’ve got a good dialogue going on offscreen.”

For those who don’t watch “Game of Thrones” or may need a refresher, Leslie played Ygritte on the show, an enemy-turned-love interest of Jon Snow, who is one of the show’s protagonists.


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If you want to keep up with Leslie and Harington’s wedding plans, however, there are no promises the public will be filled in. So it may be worth getting a newspaper delivered to your door again — just in case some details wind up there!