Kristen Bell thanks the doctors and nurses who treated her daughter in the ER

Emergency room visits are a common part of a parent’s life. Whether it’s a high fever, a broken bone or a coin stuck inside the nose, kids have a habit of getting into scrapes that require immediate medical care.

Such was the case for Kristen Bell when one of her kids accidentally got their finger smashed by a door. The mother of two girls (Delta, 4 years old, and Lincoln, 6 years old) is famous for her commitment to keeping her daughters’ lives private, but she shared a message about her recent visit to the emergency room so she could thank the amazing caregivers at Children’s Hospital L.A.

As she mentions in the above Instagram post, one of Bell’s daughters accidentally slammed her finger in a door. The poor little finger “popped like a jelly donut” (yikes!) and Bell had to rush her daughter to the emergency room right away. Luckily, the staff at Children’s Hospital L.A. was on hand to offer care and comfort to the family.

If you have ever been to the emergency room with a young child, you know how terrifying the experience can be, as well as how difficult it can be to keep children calm and entertained as they wait for treatment. But as Bell describes, every patient that enters Children’s Hospital L.A. is given a Child Life Specialist. This specialist is both an advocate and a liaison for the child, and they help children understand what’s happening around them as well as what to expect each step of the way.

This is an invaluable service for both children and their parents, and it certainly sounds like something from which every children’s hospital could benefit!


No wonder Bell was so overcome with gratitude as she thanked Dr. Olsen and their child life specialist Sonia for their expert, child-focused care. The medical team at Children’s Hospital L.A. even calls the patient the next day to make sure they’re comfortable and on a path to continued healing. What an awesome hospital!

Here’s hoping Bell’s daughter gets lots of rest.