Lay’s has 3 new potato chip flavors and 1 of them is crispy taco

Fresh off treating our taste buds to grilled cheese and tomato soup-flavored potato chips for chilly fall weather, Frito-Lay is back with three new flavors that will have you daydreaming of summer dinners on the patio.

Hitting shelves now for a limited time are crispy taco, fried green tomato and a pretty self-explanatory flavor — hot sauce. While the crispy taco and fried green tomato flavors are available in multiple stores nationwide now for a limited time, hot sauce is only at Walmart and Circle K stores.


Frito-Lay describes the crispy taco flavor as “a fiesta all in one bite,” while the fried green tomato flavor is just like the iconic Southern dish, but with some extra crunch.


If you like putting hot sauce on your tacos, you may want to consider combining the hot sauce and crispy taco chips into one bite. And, though it may seem a bit strange, dipping the fried green tomato chips in ranch, just like you might do if you were actually eating fried green tomatoes, seems like a good idea.


If the fried green tomato and crispy taco flavors seem familiar, it’s because they were finalists in Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest back in 2017.

At the time, a press release explained that fried green tomato was created by potato chip fan Gregory Pope, who said he gets nostalgic when thinking of family get-togethers in Georgia, where fried green tomatoes were a centerpiece to their meals.

The crispy taco flavor came from Ellen Sarem of San Antonio, Texas. She said she began to perfect her taco recipe when she first met her fiancé — after her first attempt was “a disaster.” Crispy taco came out on top, with Sarem taking home $1 million for the recipe. She said she was going to use the money to go on a family vacation and set something aside for her son’s education.


You’ll also find new cheddar jalapeño chips, Poppables sea salt and vinegar and Flamin’ Hot kettle cooked chips already out on store shelves, also for a limited time.

Which new or returning Lay’s flavor will you be trying first?