LEGO is launching a ‘Steamboat Willie’ set in honor of Mickey Mouse’s 1928 debut

Ahoy, Disney fans! To commemorate the debut of Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney’s animated short “Steamboat Willie,” LEGO will release a new playset to celebrate the “main mouse”‘s 90th birthday.

The “Steamboat Willie” LEGO building kit, scheduled for release on April 1, sticks with the original animated film’s color scheme: black and white! The 751-piece set includes three minifigures, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and a parrot, along with everything the builder needs to recreate the S.S. Willie!

“Steamboat Willie” is truly memorable as Mickey Mouse’s debut on the big screen. But the animated featurette was also the first time Walt Disney released a movie with synchronized sound. Its release set the stage for a series of films that would change the canvas of cinema history.


LEGO and Disney lovers will appreciate the attention to detail with the “Steamboat Willie” kit, as creators truly had authenticity and fun in mind with this design. Standout features of the S.S. Willie include:

  • Rotating boat paddle wheels
  • An adjustable crane
  • An assortment of hidden wheels on the boat
  • A “potato bin”
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse figures with their own accessories
  • Steam pipes that move up and down, just like in the original animated short
  • The “S.S. Willie” sign and a “1928” sign

The finished product measures about 5 inches wide, 5 inches high, and 10 inches long. Building instructions, as well as fun trivia about the “Steamboat Willie” animated film, are included in the kit. This set is recommended for builders ages 10 and up.

mickey mouse 90th photo
Getty Images | Handout

Technically, Mickey and Minnie’s first appearance was in a test screening of a short cartoon called “Plane Crazy,” which appeared earlier in 1928. But “Steamboat Willie” is considered both characters’ introduction to the public. Following that milestone, Mickey Mouse became such a cultural icon, his 90th birthday has already been celebrated for months! Celebrations have taken place both on-site at Disney properties, such as during a November 18 parade at Disneyland, and through a variety of special edition product releases.

To date, these include Vans shoes and birthday cake-flavored Oreos. You can even go to your local grocery store to get the must-have Mickey-shaped ice cream bars you find at Disney theme parks.

So, it only seems right for LEGO to join in the festivities and bring a present of its own to the party! We can’t wait.