Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s Birthday With New Limited-Edition Oreos

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Just a few months after Oreo turned 106 years old, the makers of America’s favorite cookie are celebrating another milestone birthday — this time for America’s favorite mouse.

While there were reports last summer of a birthday cake-flavored Oreo to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, details were limited at the time. Now, we can officially let you know the rumors were true. Not only can we confirm they exist, but we are happy to report they are now available in stores nationwide.

The Oreos feature three different Mickey Mouse-themed designs, but the big question you’re probably wondering is what can you expect in the flavor department? Do they taste like Oreos or birthday cake?

I performed a very scientific taste test — by eating an entire row of them — and am now qualified to say they not only taste (and smell!) like birthday cake, but they also still have the Oreo flavor you’ll recognize.

The wafer portion of the cookie is predominantly Oreo-flavored, and the birthday cake flavor comes from the cream filling.


The Oreos are only available for a limited time, but Mickey doesn’t turn 90 until Nov. 18, so here’s to hoping they’ll be around at least that long! Take it from me, though, you don’t want to wait to try them.

Oreo also released some other new flavors earlier this year, like Good Humor strawberry shortcake and rocky road. According to the junk food Instagram account JunkBanter, we can also expect peppermint bark Oreos at the end of the year, just in time for the holidays!


Will you be trying Oreo’s new birthday cake flavor in honor of Mickey Mouse?

Other New Oreo Flavors

Oreo made headlines in summer 2018 for two new flavors that got a lot of people talking: Hot Chicken Wing- and Wasabi-flavored Oreos.

Though the new flavors are only available in China, Oreo’s parent company Mondelez International (formerly known as Kraft Foods, Inc.) shared news of the launch on Twitter, but revealed very few details.

It’s not clear if these savory new flavors will ever come to America, but usually, people find a way to get their hands on unusual items like this, even if they have to wait and buy them on Amazon or eBay. Oreo has unveiled other new flavors exclusively in China in the past, including Green Tea, Grape/Peach, Mango/Orange and Raspberry/Blueberry.

If you’re craving funkier Oreos, all you need to do is make a trip to your local grocery store to try flavors like Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake, Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, Red Velvet or Pumpkin Spice. We definitely aren’t lacking for variations on the classic Oreo here in America.


Although, when all is said and done, can any trendy new flavor really replace the classic Oreo?