Lego is now making sets for adults—and they have a special purpose

You’re never too old to pour out a pile of Lego bricks and get building. For adults, any old set you have lying around will do the trick. Well, it seems the Danish company behind the beloved building sets have become clued into the potential for life-long play. As a result, they’ve created a premium set made just for adults.

The Lego Forma line is specially designed to inspire your creativity, improve your mental wellbeing and reduce stress. That’s the kind of goal that clicks with everyone.

Making A Splash

This set is currently in the prototype stage on Indiegogo, so it’s not available yet. When it does launch, however, it will include beautiful marine models inspired by nature. You can choose from a Koi Skin, Shark Skin, Splash Koi Skin or a customizable skin set you color in yourself to put together piece by piece.


Each dynamic model contains 294 elements. Challenging, yes, but not impossible. According to the Indiegogo page, the models should take a few hours at most to complete.

They also include a clever gear system that, once assembled, generates life-like movement. Once you’ve assembled the model, the fun keeps going.

Play For A Lifetime

In creating this new line of Lego sets, Lego wants you to “discover the simple satisfaction of building with your hands.”

The company conducted a survey to better understand how and why adults play. The LEGO “Play Well Report” revealed some interesting insights. Of the 13,000 surveyed, 86 percent said play makes them feel more relaxed. Additionally, 87 percent said building toys helped them feel more creative. And a majority of those surveyed said building sets like Lego are more appealing than other forms of play.

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This isn’t the first time Lego has created sets exclusively for its adult fans. In fact, the company created oversized bricks for adults a few years ago and collaborated on a life-size (and working) replica of a Bugatti Chiron.

Are you inspired to play and build with Lego again?