Take A Virtual Ride On This Unbelievable 90,000-Piece LEGO Roller Coaster

Who remembers playing with LEGO as a kid? I certainly do. The great thing about LEGO is you can build nearly anything with them! From home decor touches to incredible sculptures to models of famous architectural buildings, the sky’s the limit! One master LEGO builder — seriously, this guy does it for a living — has even built a 90,000-piece roller coaster which actually works. (Well, it works for tiny LEGO people.)

A YouTuber named Chairudo (real name: Tomas Kaspirik) is behind this masterpiece, which took over 800 hours to build. With a track over 85 feet long, the epic creation is now known as the world’s largest LEGO wooden roller coaster. It can be seen firsthand on display at Hamley’s, a toy store in Prague, although it was inspired by the El Toro roller coaster (which means “the bull”) at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

If you’re terrified of heights or coasters, check out the below video that gives you a sense of being on the wild ride, without having to actually face your fears:

In the above video, Chairudo straps a video camera on to the coaster’s miniature cars, giving you a 124-second, first-hand view of the whole windy ride. Not only is the construction of the coaster incredible, but so is the attention to detail paid to making the ride authentic. The display comes complete with surrounding trees and grass, a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a galactic battle scene, bodies of water and more. It truly looks like a miniature amusement park.

ChairudoCreations/ Facebook

According to Chairudo’s Facebook page, he has been “building awesome things from LEGO since 2010, pushing the limits of what can be built from this amazing toy. I build for fun, travel to shows, but also do commissions to fund my hobby.” He certainly seems talented at what he does. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of his work!