Genius LEGO Tape Nimuno Loops Makes Any Surface LEGO-Friendly

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LEGO fans know all about taking creativity to new heights.

LEGO lovers can ordinary-looking rectangular or square-shaped blocks and build incredible landscapes, vehicles and more. However, these die-hard toy fans are always looking for the next great invention to bring their masterpieces to a new level.

Well, LEGO-builders rejoice. A company has created a concept that intends to “stick around” a while: LEGO tape!

Building On A Successful Business Concept

Called Nimuno Loops, this sticky tape can be used with a variety of building-block toys, including LEGO, Mega Blocks, Kreo and most other major block brands. The concept is simple: combine classic sticky tape with the iconic brick pattern to make it compatible with blocks. For the builder, this means endless possibilities when it comes to project design.

For example, traditional designs for LEGO and other building systems are usually limited to square or rectangular architecture. With Nimuno Loops, though, a builder can use the colored tape to easily build vertically, around corners or on curved surfaces (can you imagine building off the surface of a ball?).

Indiegogo | Nimuno Loops

The Nimuno Loops tape can stick to elevated surfaces such as playroom walls, refrigerators and even shelving systems. Not only can this give builders a chance to create projects on a different surface, but it also may mean fewer of these bricks end on the floor. And, anyone who has stepped on a LEGO in bare feet can appreciate that.

The “LEGO tape” can even be added to shoes, backpacks or keychains as a fun, colorful way to display a builder’s favorite blocks!

“LEGO Tape” Still In Development, But Coming Soon

Nimuno Loops developers Max Basler and Anine Kirsten posted their invention on Indiegogo just a few days ago. At first, they had a stretch goal of $8,000 to launch their product. However, within 16 hours supporters smashed that goal. As of Wednesday, March 15 their campaign has raised $522,000! So far, almost 15,000 have placed orders on the website and demand keeps growing.

“Woaw daddy. We’re trying to catch our breath! 1600 percent funded and counting!” the inventors posted on the Nimuno Loops page.

Initially, the tape was only available in red and blue. However, the creators have since posted a supporter survey and are developing new colors including green and grey based on feedback.

Shipments are expected to begin by July 2017, according to the developers.

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