Life-changing products that cost less than $10


New high-tech products always get lots of press, but sometimes the best things in your kitchen, your closet or your tool kit are at the lower end of your budget.

Reddit polled users about their favorite life-changing items you can buy for less than $10, and we went through the list to pull out the best of the best. These are products that really will change everything, from how you cook and clean to how you work and sleep. Here are 30 products under $10 that will truly make your life better.

Brushes For Power Drill

Drip pans, stove grates, behind your faucet — cleaning those tight or hard-to-reach spaces can be a nightmare. But it’s a cinch with a set of brushes for your power drill, according to Reddit users. The general consensus is that it’s a life-changing product for anyone who hates cleaning.

“It changes the way you clean things like sinks and tubs,” says one commenter. Lots of different brushes are available, but it’s important to get the right texture of brush for your specific cleaning task, as bristles that are too stiff could damage your carpet or remove grout from between your tiles. It’s also important to wear glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris.


One-Piece Silicone Spatula

A silicone spatula lets you remove all stuck-on food from dishes and pans — and doesn’t scratch up non-stick surfaces. But it does more than that. If you go for the one-piece style, you’ll never get gunk between the head and the handle and have to take it apart to clean it.

One Redditor swears by it for making eggs, saying “very little gets stuck to the pan so you’re not left scrubbing the egg off.”


Glow Tape

What’s the point in a flashlight if you can’t see it in the dark to pick it up? That’s where glow tape comes in. And it’s not just for the flashlight. According to Redditors, it will help you “locate the odd hidden light switch/fuse box in the basement, a fire extinguisher in a hurry, or avoid a half-open door edge while stumbling toward the bathroom in the night.”


Litter Box Mat

Cat owners love their feline friends. Their litter box? Not so much. But a litter box mat catches most of the stray litter that gets everywhere as soon as they come out of their box, saving a great deal of vacuuming (and general annoyance).


Left-Handed Scissors

If you’re right-handed, you won’t get it. But it’s estimated that around 10 to 12 percent of the world’s population is left-handed, and for them, left-handed scissors are a godsend. In fact, non-lefties might benefit from these as well.

“My mom’s left-handed, she had a left-handed can opener as a gift one time,” wrote one commenter on the Reddit thread. “She loves it, and it actually works better than any other can opener has, so we all use it now.”


Foam Ear Plugs

Disposable foam ear plugs protect against damaging noises in the workplace and block out unwanted noises at home — snoring partners, barking dogs, loud traffic and anything else that might interfere with a good night’s sleep. Macks come highly recommended by Redditors, and there are lots to choose from.


10-foot Charging Cable

Let’s be honest: The charging cables that come with some phones fall pretty short, literally. Invest in a 10-foot charging cable, and you can boost the battery without worrying that you won’t be able to use your phone in your bed, on the couch or in the back of the car.

“I can confirm that being able to look at my phone and not be on the edge of my bed is magnificent,” wrote one Redditor.


Binder Clips

The binder clip love on Reddit is strong, and the uses are endless. According to Reddit, they function as chip clips, paper organizers, sewing clips; they hold pieces of material together as glue dries, keep the bottom of a toothpaste tube rolled up and hold up cheap blackout blinds — and then some.

“They are a must-have in my house,” said one commenter.


Convex Mirrors For Car Side Mirrors

A simple addition to your car — it definitely doesn’t require a mechanic — means you never have to panic about your blind spot again. Pop two small convex circle mirrors onto your car’s side mirrors, and you’ll also find your parking skills improve immeasurably.

“My instructor made me put these on my car and my life changed completely, parallel parking is a breeze,” commented one Reddit user.


Lint Roller

If pet hair is your greatest annoyance, a lint roller is a must-have. But it’s not just for cat or dog hair — it can be used to remove glitter, spot clean furniture, clean up broken glass and light bulbs, and on fabric lamp shades, curtains, cushions and sofas as well as your clothes.


Ikea $6 Laptop Stand

Ikea’s laptop stand promises to put your devices at a better angle, whether on your lap or the kitchen countertop, making it great for typing and online meetings. And it delivers, for just $6.

“I spend a lot of time in my bedroom because of the pandemic,” revealed one Redditor. “Now I can put my laptop next to me in bed without it getting too hot or I can set it up on a couple pillows for Zoom calls. I was always skeptical of things like that, but I absolutely love it.”


Tongue Scraper

You brush twice and floss twice a day, but you’re still not convinced your mouth is as clean as it could be? A tongue scraper might be the thing you’ve been missing.

“A small plastic tongue scraper is a true life changer,” wrote one Reddit user, adding that it’s “amazing how much stuff gets stuck on your tongue that regular brushing doesn’t take out.”


Meat Thermometer

Underdone meat is a health hazard, and overdone meat tastes bad. The solution? A meat thermometer, which you simply insert into the thickest part of your meat.

“I work in a kitchen where we have to temp everything, so it’s become a habit for me,” wrote one Redditor. “Not only do you know your meat is cooked through, but you can cook it to your preferred doneness. Growing up I hated chicken and steak because my parents would overcook it like crazy to make sure it was done.”



Whether you’re camping, hiking, walking your dog, carrying out home repairs, fixing your car or reading at night, a headlamp gives you light and keeps both of your hands free. Basically, you just pop it on and forget all about it.

“They also can be taken off so you can individually hold them too,” pointed out one headlamp fan on Reddit.


Compression Socks

Compression socks work by promoting improved blood flow in your legs — the compression of the socks gently moves the flow of blood up the leg. This helps prevent swelling and blood clots. If you’re on your feet all day, they also help with sore feet and muscle recovery.

One Redditor revealed another use for compression socks, writing, “I wear a pair to bed sometimes. When my feet are just ‘humming’ and I can’t fall asleep. It is like a gentle hug to ease the pain.”


Dental Floss

The American Dental Association recommends cleaning between your teeth every day with an interdental cleaner — like dental floss. This helps prevent cavities and gum disease. And the people of Reddit are big fans.

“If you brush and mouthwash all the time, but people still say your breath smells, it may be because you don’t floss,” wrote one user. “You can brush all you want, but all that plaque and bits of food between your teeth won’t budge, and after a while, they’ll start to stink.”


Lumbar Support Pillow

You don’t have to buy an expensive ergonomic office chair to stop you getting an achy back from all those hours at your desk. Simply buy a generic lumbar support pillow and it will instantly transform that uncomfortable chair.

“Absolute game changer,” wrote one Reddit user.


Head Massager

Head massagers — those long spider-like gadgets — are designed to stimulate the pressure points on your scalp for relaxation and stress relief. But there are other uses for the tool.

“I don’t use shampoo because I’ve got moisture-sucking curly hair,” wrote one Redditor. “Still need to scrub my scalp though! I slather conditioner and then use my little octopus (mine has a smiley octopus on it) to scrub my scalp every morning. Hair is shiny and happy and my scalp is also super happy.”


Ikea Flexible Book Light

You can count on Ikea for affordable products that you don’t know you can’t live without until you bring them home. The Ebbared book light ($4.99) transforms bedtime reading and many other activities.

“Instead of just scrolling on my phone in the dark, I’ve been able to read books, finish knitting projects, and play boggle/ cards with my other kids,” wrote one Redditor.

You can also use it as a car light by clamping it to your visor or the rearview mirror.



We’ve never had more tools at our fingertips to help us stay organized. But before smartphones and apps came along, good old pen and paper was just for making lists and setting goals.

Redditors are big fans of old-fashioned planners, with one revealing, “It’s been life changing for me because writing things out helps me process and plan so much better.” No matter how much technology we have, sometimes a weekly planner will do more for us than apps and screens can.


Back Scratcher

An extendable back scratcher lets you reach those places your fingers just can’t get to — you know, the annoying ones that make you contort your body into all sorts of uncomfortable shapes.

But it’s not just for your back, according to Reddit.

“Where I find mine to be most useful is not in scratching my back, but the bottoms of my feet/toes, where the skin is too thick and rough to effectively scratch an itch with fingers. A back scratcher really does the trick!” shared one commenter.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Command Strips

Command Strips have a solid reputation for hanging pictures, but their uses don’t end there. According to Reddit, these little plastic hooks can secure power strips under desks and tables, attach your Wi-Fi router or security camera wherever you want it, mount your camera to the wall and keep your doorbell or charger in place.

“Works great for accommodation where you’re not allowed to put nails in the wall. I hang all my pictures up, hooks, even a massive mirror,” wrote one Redditor.


Silk Hair Bonnet Or Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases and hair bonnets are said to have major beauty benefits, such as reducing wrinkles and split ends. They’re even a good option for kids with long hair that is prone to tangles.

Redditors agree. “I wake up and my hair is smooth and nice, and my very breakable, fine hair has gotten really long by being protected all night,” wrote one, while another said, “I second that. I had horrible split ends until I switched from a cotton pillow case to a silk one. Crazy what a difference one thing can make.”



Designed to control the flow of liquid on a flat surface, a squeegee is a simple tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade. It’s great for cleaning your car windows, but many people use it on surfaces in their home too, from windows to shower doors.

“I start my car and squeegee my windows in like 5 minutes and can see 10x better when leaving for work in the morning,” wrote one Redditor.


Oven Liner Mat

Cleaning the oven is never fun, but oven liner mats can make it a whole lot easier – and quicker. With reusable, washable oven liner mats, you can protect your oven tray, baking tin and grill pan from grease and burnt-on spills. You can also use them to minimize mess in your microwave and refrigerator.


Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls do the job of an anti static dryer sheet, but they last a lot longer. Plus, they’re free of chemicals and space your clothing out so it dries faster. If you want your clothes to smell great when they come out of the dryer, you can go for scented versions or add your own essential oils to the balls.


Kitchen Scissors

There are scissors, and then there are kitchen scissors. The ultimate multipurpose kitchen tool, there’s nothing they won’t cut through.

“Cut chicken, pizza, sandwiches, stubborn packaged foods, salad, cooked spaghetti. Endless possibilities,” wrote one Redditor.


French Press

Yes, there are some expensive French press models out there. But coffee-lovers can pick one up for $10 that does the job just as well.

“I’ve been using a $10 version from Ikea for years that does just as good a job,” wrote one Redditor. “The coffee is infinitely better than any percolator … Heat the water to precisely 95C [203F] and grind from good dark roast beans and the result is heavenly.”


Glass Nail File

Metal or wooden nail files can wreak havoc on your nails, but the glass version is on another level.

“A glass nail file is like a really powerful emery board,” wrote one Redditor. “No pulling, no scraping, but it never wears out and it wears down your nails like they’re made of butter.”

According to Marie Claire, a glass nail file comes with a gentler grit, gets rid of all roughness and lasts for a really long time. They’re also easy to sanitize, as you can simply wash them with soap and water between uses.


Toilet Light

“The first time I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night with one of these made me realize we’ve made it to the future,” wrote one Redditor of a portable toilet light. Not only do they cut out all nocturnal stumbling, they work when your power is out, and aren’t as bright as night lights. And you can have them anywhere in your home.

“I also used to have motion-activated lights under the bed too. I could get out of bed, go to the bathroom and come back with lights coming on and going off without touching a switch,” they added.



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