This Tiny Dog Uses Her Huge St. Bernard Big Brother As Her Personal Taxi

If you look in the dictionary under “BFF,” you’ll find two adorable pups, Lulu and Blizzard. Lulu uses Blizzard as her own personal taxi, and, we presume, bodyguard, since Blizzard is a strapping St. Bernard. And whose going to mess with him?

These two live in Washington state with Jasper the cat, who presumably casts a wary eye on his canine brethren—after all, that is what cats do, isn’t it? According to Hello Giggles, Lulu was just a puppy when she arrived on the scene, so big brother Blizzard took over the guard dog duties.

Here’s Blizzard, who, as we’ve already mentioned, is a humongous St. Bernard. (Isn’t that the only size they make?)

And now, meet Lulu, a rather indignant Pekingese.

Now see how these two get around:

Luckily, Blizzard doesn’t seem to mind too much, either.

And here’s the aforementioned Jaspar, having a “spa day.”

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[h/t: Hello Giggles]