There’s a 100,000-unit waitlist for these 380-square-foot tiny homes

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A Las Vegas, Nevada construction company has big dreams that all start with a small footprint. Boxabl has plans to make homeownership more affordable and accessible by building tiny houses in a streamlined, factory-line system.

And the company’s idea has struck a chord with the public. According to Yahoo News, Boxabl’s waitlist already has 47,000 clients, and they want 100,000 units.

One of Boxabl’s standout features is the company’s foldable home design. That’s right. A complete home is built, folded up, and shipped to your location. Then, it simply unfolds and can be set up in one day. You can see a demonstration of the “instant house” process in a tweet from Boxabl’s official account.

The tiny house trend has been riding high for a while as the real estate market continues to skyrocket. At the same time, there is also a movement to downsize and simplify our lives. The tiny house concept checks off multiple boxes simultaneously: the opportunity to own a home, do so within a reasonable budget and achieve a simpler lifestyle.

The Boxabl Casita home starts at just $49,500, according to the official website. The 19.5-foot by 19.5-foot home is manufactured with concrete panels and steel and, once folded down for shipping, can be towed by a pickup truck. But, what comes with this tiny home?

Right out of the box, the Casita home has the following features:

  • A full-size kitchen including a refrigerator, double sink with a window, an oven, dishwasher, microwave and Shaker-style cabinets
  • A bathroom with a deep shower/tub, a vessel sink, large countertop, a backlit mirror and a sliding glass barn door
  • A total living space of 375 square feet with 9-foot-6-inch ceilings, 8-foot doors and windows, composite flooring, a washer/dryer unit, an HVAC system and more.
  • Insulation technology and LED lighting for high-efficiency
  • The house is wind resistant, mold-resistant and bug-resistant and has been engineered with fire-resistant materials

Here’s a quick tour of the Boxabl Casita the company shared on YouTube.

The Casita tiny home started getting even more attention from the public last November when the company posted a video on its YouTube channel and referred to a “top-secret customer” who purchased a home in Boca Chica, Texas. This city happens to be where SpaceX founder Elon Musk lives.

While the billionaire has not specifically mentioned the Casita home, he did tweet about his tiny house.

According to Business Insider, Boxabl moved into a new 170,000-square-foot factory in June. There, it plans to build a Casita home “every 90 minutes β€” or about 3,600 units a year β€” by the end of 2022.”

A typical single-family home can take up to seven months to build, Boxabl told Business Insider. However, those 47,000 clients on the waitlist, which includes bigger companies who want multiple units, will have to wait until the company has completed a $10 million contract for government housing.

While the Casita may not suit an entire family, Boxabl plans to integrate its design into larger homes that can also be built in a factory and shipped to owners anxiously awaiting a new home.

“The demand for housing is so incredibly massive. [There are] shortages everywhere and no one can build fast enough,” Boxabl’s founder Galiano Tiramani told Business Insider. “It’s great for us to know that so many people are interested in this product.”

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