Lunchables is expanding into the frozen aisle

Kraft Heinz

Lunchables is expanding to the frozen food section with a brand-new meal: grilled cheese!

The new Lunchables Crispy Grilled Cheesies come in flavors Original — which is made with Kraft Singles cheese — and Pepperoni Pizza, which has Kraft Singles, pepperoni and marinara sauce.

While traditional Lunchables involve a bit of work like assembling cracker sandwiches or a pizza, the new frozen Lunchables can be prepared in the microwave in just 60 seconds.

Kraft Heinz

The new Lunchables use a technology Kraft Heinz is calling 360Crisp, which it say creates “crispy, crunchy products like you get on the stove.” The brand said in a press release that it plans to use the technology to introduce five new products across four different brands by the end of 2024.

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Lunchables Grilled Cheesies are rolling out to grocery stores nationwide now for a suggested retail price of $4.99 per box, which includes two sandwiches.

Kraft Heinz

While this is the first grilled cheese option from Lunchables, it is not the first frozen grilled cheese sandwich available at grocery stores.

The brand Lily’s Toaster Grills come frozen and can be warmed and toasted in your toaster. Made with white bread and cheese, the sandwiches are priced lower than Lunchables at just $3.78 for a two-pack at Walmart.


If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can also try Member’s Mark Grilled Cheese on Texas Toast, which comes with eight frozen sandwiches for $13.98.

Of course, grilled cheese is also incredibly simple to make, so you can whip up your own pretty quickly. If you want something more than just bread and cheese, however, this balsamic-roasted broccoli and red pepper grilled cheese take a bit more time, but is a fancier way to enjoy the classic childhood sandwich.

You could also try this recipe for french onion grilled cheese or this low-carb version that uses zucchini for the “bread”.

Are you a grilled cheese fan?

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