You can now buy Lunchables with fresh fruit instead of dessert

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For the first time ever, Lunchables is launching a brand new version of their beloved meat, cheese and cracker meals that offers up a healthier alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to give their kids a sugary treat.

The new Lunchables feature the same turkey or ham, cheddar cheese and cracker combinations you already know, but swap the side of dessert for fresh fruit. The turkey and cheddar cracker stackers come with either grapes or clementines, while the ham and cheddar cracker stackers include apples or pineapple.

The team behind Lunchables created the new combinations after seeing a 500% increase in social media searches for “Lunchables with fruits and vegetables” in just the last year alone.

A Lunchables representative tells Simplemost that while they are currently only available at select retailers in the South-Central region of the U.S., if they prove popular, they may show up in stores nationwide in early 2024.

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While this is the first time fruit has been featured alongside the meat, cheese and crackers in a Lunchable, they have included a variety of other sides since their introduction in the late 1980s.

While some come with a dessert like cookies, others include a drink and some over the years have even had other brands like Jell-O. You can also find other varieties of Luchables if you’re not a fan of the Cracker Stackers, like pizza, nachos and even a 6-inch turkey and cheddar sandwich that also works well for an adult lunch.

Lunchables even introduced a breakfast version of their pre-packaged meal for a limited time, offering the “Brunchables” in either a bacon and cheese or ham and cheese sandwich with muffins.


If you can’t find the new Lunchables with Fresh Fruit near you, you can instead make your own. Simply purchase crackers, meat, cheese and your child’s favorite fresh fruit, cut them up and portion them into a container like this Bento Lunch Box for Kids on Amazon.

Are you excited to try a Lunchable with a side of fruit?