Make cool ‘geode’ eggs with supplies you already have around the house

Here’s a cool science project that could also double as a unique Easter decoration: Colorful eggs that use salt to create a crystalline “geode” effect.

Best of all, you probably have the key ingredients in your home already, or can grab them next time you make a run to the store.

The list is a short one: eggs, Epsom salt, craft glue, food coloring, toothpicks and egg dye or food coloring.

According to Parents, the project begins with carefully making a hole at the narrow end of the egg and removing the white and the yolk. (Don’t waste them, of course — set them in the fridge for a few minutes while you work on the next steps and use them later for breakfast or baking.)

Next, use hot water to rinse the shells, then gently remove the membrane from inside. The empty shells then go back into the carton and the interiors are brushed with a thin layer of glue and some salt.

Make a thick salt solution with boiling water, fill the empty eggshells with the solution, then drop in a little food coloring just for fun. Let the shells sit at room temperature for a few days and voilá — your very own “geodes”!

Check out the full video from Parents magazine:

For detailed instructions click here.

These homemade geodes demonstrate a simplified version of the way real rock geodes form: Over millions of years, a bubble of rock slowly fills with mineral deposits. The deposits crystallize as moisture evaporates and time passes, creating the sparkly interior we know and love.

Here’s another tutorial from @playinspiredmum on Instagram:

We’re getting a little restless over here, so these look like a fun little project to keep us entertained indoors as the days pass. I’ll definitely be giving it a try with my kids!