Stuffed crescent roll ‘carrots’ are an adorable Easter appetizer

It’s been a rough few weeks, so you’d be forgiven for wanting to make Easter extra easy this year. But you can still stay on theme without all those fancy and complicated appetizers you usually make. Take these crescent roll carrots from Pillsbury, for instance. They’re simple. They’re cute. And they’re totally in keeping with the Easter theme.

The recipe requires a can of the crescent rolls, of course. You just roll out all the dough in one piece and cut it lengthwise. The long strips of dough are then wrapped around cone-shaped pieces of foil to form a carrot shape. Then they’re baked until they’re golden brown.

Next, the baked crescent roll cones are filled with a combination of cream cheese, lemon zest, parsley, chives and salt. For the total carrot effect, a spring of parsley is popped into the cream cheese mixture on top.

Easy peasy! Check out the how-to video below.

One commenter on the Pillsbury recipe page suggested putting parchment paper on the outside of the foil cones and making sure the dough is fully cooled after cooking so the rolls don’t fall apart as you remove them from the foil.

If you’re on a crescent roll kick, there are a lot of fun ideas out there. Hungry Happenings has a recipe similar to Pillsbury’s, but it uses egg salad as stuffing instead of a cream cheese mixture. These “carrots” are also brushed with orange food coloring for an even more colorful effect.

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Or put a chocolate egg into a triangle of crescent roll dough, roll it up and bake it, as in Simply Stacie‘s recipe, for an ooey-gooey chocolate pastry.

You’ll also see a lot of recipes online for Resurrection Rolls, where you fill crescent roll dough with a marshmallow and bake it. When it’s done, the marshmallow has melted into the roll and left the inside empty.

Finally, you can use premade cinnamon roll dough and make bunny faces for an adorable breakfast treat.

What do you think? Will you be hopping to it and making any of these crescent roll recipes this Easter?

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