6 Makeup Mistakes That Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

Everyone wears makeup for different reasons, but most of us are looking for ways to enhance our natural features. Sometimes, however, the makeup habits we think are helping us are actually having the opposite effect—especially when it comes to the eyes. If the goal is to make them pop or achieve the doe-eyed look, avoid these six makeup mistakes that can actually make your peepers look petite.

1. Using Dark Color On Your Waterline

When many people first begin doing their eye makeup, they go right for the dark eyeliner. But instead of making your eyes look bigger, this can actually make them look smaller.

“Although this technique works for grungy makeup styles, using a dark colored kohl liner creates a tight space between the lash line and the water line,” says makeup artist and image and skincare consultant Karuna Chani. “Skip the waterline, and instead opt for a gel liner smudged into the lower lash line to give the illusion of bigger eyes.”

eyeliner photo
Flickr | TMAB2003

2. Doing A Smoky Eye

Dark eyeshadow can look glamorous, but tread carefully with saturated hues.

“Smoky lids can make your eyes look small if you don’t balance your eyeshadows,” says Chani. “Add a lighter color in your inner corners to create a gorgeous gradient and open up your eyes for a doe-eyed look.”

smoky eye photo
Flickr | pumpkincat210

3. Skipping Under-Eye Concealer

It might feel like using concealer is an unnecessary step, but it can do wonders for amplification.

“Skipping concealer means fatigued eyes,” says Chani. “Dark circles take over your face and make your eyes look small and tired. Use a brightening under eye concealer that gives your eyes an extra layer of radiance.”

under-eye concealer photo
Flickr | Idhren

4. Wearing Fake Eyelashes Or Too Much Mascara

“While we all crave va-va-voom, larger-than-life lashes, they can overshadow the eyes causing them look too small,” says Chani.

Use more mascara only on the outside of your lashes, and if you’re using fake eyelashes, cut them up and place them on the contours of your eyes. This makes them look more natural.

eyelashes photo
Flickr | liber

5. Not Curling Your Lashes

If applied properly, mascara can definitely open up your eyes. But if you really want them to pop, curl your lashes first. Eyelashes that grow outward can end up casting a shadow on your eyes, making them look smaller.

eyelash curler photo
Flickr | At Home In Rome

6. Going Too Big With Your Brows

When applying eye makeup, don’t forget about the brows. Thick brows can look great, but you have to be careful they’re not so big that they make eyes appear smaller.

“Untamed and bushy eyebrows may be en vogue, but if they aren’t taken care of they take over the lid space and make the eyes look smaller,” says Chani. “Make sure to tweeze and trim appropriately for more lid space, which creates the illusion of bigger eyes.”

eyebrows photo
Flickr | xueexueg