This man built a very special room in his house for his dog


People often feel as if their pets are part of the family. But one man took that concept to a whole new level, building a room just for his dog. And we’re not just talking about a space with a dog bed in it. Nope. This space looks nice enough to be an actual living room.

Photos of the puppy renovation came via Twitter user Al. The photos document the process his brother underwent to turn the space under the stairs into a luxurious puppy escape.

He started with a blank canvas and brought his vision to life using drywall and paint, practically starting from scratch. The end result is a space complete with molding, framed photos of his dog and his dog’s pals, a light and what seems to be a very comfortable bed.

In other words, it’s a space where his dog can kick back, relax and, most importantly, feel at home. What more could a pup hope for?

Fellow pet lovers had some great reactions to the post online, and have even admitted that the photos have caused their pets to want a room of their own. “Unfortunately, my cat saw the pics & has already drawn up plans & is picking out artwork,” one Twitter user wrote.

And it’s no wonder other pets are envious. Most humans are, too!

While you may not have an entire room in your home that you can dedicate to your dogs (although add that to your real estate must-have list), you can still find ways to create a space that’s special and just for them.

This DIY, for example, shows how you can take an end table and turn it into a canopy bed fit for a princess:


Even more simple, but just as cool, is this DIY tent bed for dogs:


The greatest part about these beds is that they can be set up pretty much anywhere in your home, so until you have the space to make an entire room for your pet, these will certainly do!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]

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