This Man Traveled 10,000 Miles To Dance With 100 Strangers In This Hilarious And Heartwarming Video

One of the greatest things about technology and the internet is the way it can bring people from all countries, cultures and walks of life together.

It’s hard to find a more accurate example of that power than this YouTube video entitled “100 People of Dance.” ProjectOneLife, aka Matt Bray, uploaded “100 People of Dance” as the third and final installment of dance videos from his account, including one titled “Top 100 Places of Dance.”

In “100 People of Dance,” 100 different people dance the same routine to the song “Gone” by JR JR.

The video begins with Bray dancing alone, then more and more people join in from places including parks, bridges, beaches and streets. Bray shows everyone how to do the dance, then they take it from there.

In the nearly four-minute video, day fades to night and night becomes day again as Bray and strangers perform the choreographed routine. Eventually, the dancing strangers do the dance alone before Bray joins larger groups of dancers for a finale.

Bray states in the video description that it “took two months of filming and a month and a half was spent living out on the road driving all around the USA and Canada, I drove a little over 10,000 miles.”

Bray writes that he is thankful to everyone who danced with him and helped him film the video. He writes that he met “so many amazing people, got to see so many friends, it was an experience of a life time.”

Bray writes on his YouTube account that his channel is about “living life to the fullest and having fun.” He says he documents himself having fun with his friends and crossing things off his bucket list.

If making people smile all over the world is part of that bucket list, we’d say he’s accomplished that goal!