Watch Professor Matthew McConaughey teach Jimmy Fallon a lesson in this funny video

Matthew McConaughey is more than just an Oscar-winning actor. The multitalented entertainer is also the creative director for Wild Turkey Bourbon as well as a philanthropist and volunteer. Earlier this year, he also added the title of professor to his resume when he joined the Moody College of Communication faculty at the University of Texas at Austin.

McConaughey teaches a class called Script to Screen and, on Nov. 7, his colleague in show business, Jimmy Fallon, got to experience what the famous Texan is like as an educator. In a skit that aired on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” the host was the one and only student in McConaughey’s classroom. Watch the hilarity that ensued in the clip below:

Fallon definitely came prepared to learn — or at least to have fun while pretending to do so, judging by the myriad of school supplies he brought to class. While McConaughey strikes a super-serious and studious tone as he begins to explain the course, Fallon decides to take a snack break right away, loudly opening up a Lunchable and then making a spectacle of himself while eating a gummy worm.

When he realizes he might not have a star student in Fallon, Professor McConaughey suggests they move straight to the final project. If Fallon can correctly name three out of five things that McConaughey has said so far in class, he’ll pass.

Before even giving him a chance to complete the assignment, McConaughey says Fallon definitely earned a “C” and can be on his merry way.

“You do not need to come to class ever again, Mr. Jimmy Fallon,” McConaughey declares. “You are, in fact, easily the worst student I’ve ever had.”

Although McConaughey is not impressed with Fallon’s screen or script skills, he suggests music might be a better medium for him. In the next scene, McConaughey welcomes Fallon to the stage to perform “The Eyes of Texas,” the official school spirit song of the University of Texas.

Of course, Fallon knocks it out of the park. (The guy definitely has some pipes!) The students in the audience totally get a kick out of it, too.

Too funny!