McDonald’s Indonesia launches wedding packages with McNuggets

McDonald's Indonesia's wedding pack advertisement
Twitter/McDonald's Indonesia

Planning a wedding and not sure what to have on the menu? You may want to consider tying the knot in Indonesia where you can have McDonald’s — yes, that McDonald’s — cater your special day!

McDonald’s Indonesia posted about a new wedding package on Twitter, writing that the meal includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 four-piece McNuggets, with a minimum purchase of 200 items. Priced at the equivalent of around $231, that makes each item around $1.15 — a pretty great deal!

According to The Sun, the package also includes the option of 100 cheeseburgers and 100 chicken fingers for those that don’t want chicken sandwiches and nuggets, but McDonald’s Indonesia does not list that option in its Twitter post.

McDonald’s Indonesia does not say if you can add French fries or anything else to the package, but of course, four nuggets or one sandwich isn’t enough to fuel a fun night of dancing and drinking, so some sides would be a nice addition.

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While it doesn’t appear that McDonald’s offers catering in the U.S. — for now, at least — if it proves a popular option in Indonesia, it’s always possible it will become a new wedding staple here as well.

In the meantime, a handful of other fast-food chains do offer options for large parties, including Chick-fil-A, Subway and Chipotle, which offers meals for parties of up to 200 people.

Other restaurants that offering catering services include Panda Express and Olive Garden, while Chili’s has party platters that can be ordered ahead of time for smaller events.

Bride and groom holding wedding bouquet together

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If you want a unique menu for your special day but can’t find a fun catering option near you, you may want to consider coming up with your own plan, like this couple who had a four-tier pizza in place of a wedding cake.

What restaurant would you love to have cater your next big event?

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