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McDonald’s Is Making Instant Noodle-Flavored Fries In Hong Kong

This is an interesting combination.

What happens when you combine the brothy, salty deliciousness of instant noodles with the satisfying crunch of French fries? Well, those lucky enough to be in Hong Kong right now can find out at their local McDonald’s! Nissin, the maker of Cup Noodles and Top Ramen, has joined forces with McDonald’s to bring to the masses a genius snack: instant noodle-seasoned fries.

Two limited-edition flavors of the fast food giant’s Shake Shake Fries are for sale: black garlic pork broth and sesame oil. If you’re wondering why they’ve got the name Shake Shake Fries, it comes from the fun way you flavor them. The flavored powder is served separately from your fries and it’s your job to shake them together in a paper bag so that each fry is covered in the savory goodness of instant noodle flavor.

Check out the below pack for the black garlic flavor:

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對Shake Shake薯條情有獨鍾,每次推出也會去吃吃,今次更有兩款出前一丁調味粉,作為出前一丁的粉絲,試吃前滿心期待,但兩款都試過後,都有些失望。 先說頭炮的黑蒜油豬骨湯味粉,第一印象是一個字:咸!事前見網上評價都說太咸,已有心理準備,特意點了走鹽薯條,但味粉仍令薯條很咸,可想而知正常鹽度會更咸。味粉像平日出前一丁的味粉,我覺得就算加平日煮麵用的調味粉也是一樣味道。 而新推出的麻油味粉味道更加奇怪,原有麻油麵的香味變成調味粉後,竟然有種花生味的感覺,吃出來有點怪,唯一好處是沒黑蒜油味那麼咸,但對我來說都是試一次就算。 出了不同味道的調味粉,始終都是初代的香烤蜜糖味最好吃,和風紫菜緊隨其後。 麥樂雞加大套餐(配Shake Shake調味粉):$29.5 #shakeshake薯條 #shakeshakefries #香港美食 #hkfoodlover #hkfoodie #hkfood #hkig #hkg #hk #hkfoodblog #hkfoodblogger #hkfoodies

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According to Insider, you can get the instant ramen flavor pack for free when you upgrade your meal size.

McDonald’s is also selling some cute, limited edition tableware at the same time as their Shake Shake Fries. For for just $12.49 you can buy a Demae Iccho Japanese ceramic tableware set that will last you a whole lot longer than a pack of addictive fries.

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《McDonald x 出前一丁》 I think no one loves Demae Iccho (出前一丁) as much as Hong Kong people do. We even have Demae Iccho tableware from McDonald! As a big fan of 出前一丁, I must get a set for eating ramen at home. I tried the chicken Nanban burger today, the chicken was not as crispy as I would expect. There will be more Japanese inspired burgers and fries on the menu. I’m interested in the “black garlic Tonkosu” flavored fries. Will try that next time. * * #麥當勞x出前一丁 #出前一丁 #出前一丁大好き #香港元祖ラーメン #香港人 #香港人口味 #清仔 #清仔清妹 #香港人 #無錢收系列 #可愛い #食器 #香港麥當勞限定 #聯乘 #限定 #mcdonaldXdemaeiccho #demaeiccho #collectible #crossovermerchandise #dinnerware #macdonaldspecial #ramenbowl #ramenbowlset #ighk

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The set, which comes with a large bowl and plate, is decorated with Hong Kong’s instant noodle mascot. As an added bonus, the purchase comes with two seasoned fries coupons.

Not in Hong Kong? No worries, you can make similar fries right at home by taking a pack of flavoring from your favorite instant noodle flavor and shaking them up with some fries of your own inside a paper bag.

Not feeling instant ramen flavors? Blogger WildFlour’s Kitchen has a recipe for Flamin’ Barbecued Potato Chip French Fries that tastes just like — you guessed it! — barbecue-flavored potato chips.