‘Mermaid Toast’ Is The Most Beautiful Breakfast You’ll Ever Eat

Ever look at your breakfast and think, “Wow, this brown wheat toast is just too boring to eat?” Seriously, who needs plain brown bread when you can have blue ombre? Just because you’re no longer 10 years old doesn’t mean you can’t eat colorful food! True, you could start your day with Lucky Charms, Gummy Bears and Pop Tarts—but can you imagine how many barre classes you’d have to go to? Like a bazillion. Fortunately, there’s a slightly healthier, but just as colorful, alternative. Check out mermaid toast.

Food stylist Adeline Waugh first brought us the delightfully pretty pink rainbow “unicorn toast.” Now she’s back with mermaid toast, an ombre swirled blue-green toast with gold flakes. It’s almost too gorg to eat! Mermaid toast resembles a work of art more than something you want to shovel into your mouth with a cup of coffee.

So what is this mystical-looking toast topped with to make it look like a mermaid’s tail? There’s a layer of almond milk cream cheese and then it’s swirled with blue and green algae powder, which is a nutritional supplement that includes vitamin A, B12 minerals and active enzymes. That means you can get some of your daily vitamins while noshing on a pretty piece of toast. And hey, in a world full of gloom and doom, a little pretty never hurt anyone right? If you’re not feeling faux cream cheese and algae, you can probably create the same look with regular cream cheese and blue and green food dye or a superfood powder like blueberry.

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