This Easy To Install (And Move) Bar Can Make Any Bathroom Accessible For People With Disabilities

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For someone with physical disabilities, everyday activities that many people don’t think twice about can be a serious hassle. Bathroom activities like taking a shower or just using the toilet can require much more effort because most people’s bathrooms aren’t equipped to make life easier for people with disabilities.

Luckily, rather than redesigning an entire bathroom, there’s now an easy and inexpensive solution to help people with disabilities move around more conveniently and safely in your bathroom.

Adjustable grab bars from German manufacturer Mobeli work by attaching to bathroom walls using suction cups, making installation a breeze. This also means they can be removed and replaced without much effort, meaning they can be stowed away until they’re needed. These bars can be installed in showers, above bath tubs, by sinks and toilets.


If relying on suction cups to hold a person’s body weight sounds iffy, Mobeli claims these grab bars are so strong, they can resist any weight. These bars could be handy not only for people with disabilities but for elderly people and anyone with back or knee problems. And since they are portable, you can bring them with you wherever you go, to make sure everyone can use any bathroom with ease.

So how do they grip the wall so tightly? The handles use a vacuum seal to help maintain solid suction on the wall at all times, according to Mobeli. This makes them stronger than a regular suction cup. Users simply push the bar against the wall and lock them into place using two levers, located on each end of the bar.


Depending on the needs of your bathroom, there are also different sizes available. You can find these bars on Amazon, at My Home For Life and from a number of other online retailers if you simply Google it. Prices range from $115 to $269, depending on the size and from where you purchase them.

For more information on the Mobeli bar handle and how it works, watch the video below.


For seniors and people with disabilities, this could be a game changer.