Male model arranges a photo shoot for his sister with Down syndrome, so she can feel like a star

Siblings can be a pain sometimes, but they can also be a tremendous source of love and support. Model Chris Garafola is one such sibling. He wanted to show his older sister, Brittany, who has Down syndrome, how much she means to him by setting her up with the ultimate birthday gift: a surprise photo shoot.

Brittany’s dream has always been to be a model like her brother, so Chris made sure to arrange the ultimate photo shoot experience to make her feel as glamorous as possible. He hired people to do her hair and makeup, set up a camera crew and even got his mom involved.

He filmed the whole thing and posted the behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube. The two can be seen posing together with flowers, and Brittany most definitely shines as a model.

Chris wrote on his Instagram page:

“The priority was to make her day and show her she can do anything that her brother can do and she should be allowed to. My sister’s the most beautiful person in the world. On a greater scale, I wanted to show the world what true beauty is. I wanted to encourage people to live life happy, be strong and confident, and to spread positive energy with the world. There is a lot of hurt and anger in our world, but there will always be more love and light.

Brittany, your brother loves you more than you know. I hope you had the best day—you looked stunning.”

You can watch this beautiful display of sibling love and support in the video below:

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