Mom’s viral video about school supplies sets parents straight

Summer time means shopping for school supplies. The list can feel endless sometimes: pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, binders, paper, calculators, tissues, wipes, etc.  In fact, a growing number of parents take their complaints to the internet, calling out schools and teachers for the requests. But one mom decided to post a rant of her own about how ungrateful these complainers look and sound.

In the video, comedian Dena Blizzard, a.k.a. One Funny Mother, pushes a cart through Target and openly shares her shock at griping parents:

“All you people say, ‘I’m not going to pick up any Kleenex for the class.’ You can’t give that teacher a Kleenex? These teachers have been making plans to teach your kids and you’re all complaining about some pencils? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I would pay them just to get my kids out of my face?”

Blizzard continues that she would buy items not on her kids’ school supplies list if it shows their teachers how much she appreciates what they do:

“You want a microwave? I’ll get you a microwave. I’m going to put a microwave in here. There’s a teacher somewhere who can use a microwave,” she continued. “We need to be thanking some teachers. The least you can do is buy a yellow binder. And you’re all up on the internet complaining about your yellow binder. Are you kidding me?”

In addition to some hilarious commentary, Blizzard drops also some solid truth bombs during her reprimand.

“All you parents going, ‘I’m spending so much money!'” She says. “Oh, yeah and guess what? You don’t think those teachers are spending money?”

As a former teacher, I can answer that question simply: Teachers spend A LOT of money for supplies for their classroom and students. In fact, a recent survey showed the average American teacher spends about $600 of his or her own money on basic supplies.

Teacher panhandles for school supplies

Earlier this summer, an Oklahoma public teacher panhandled to help raise money for her classroom supplies. Teresa Danks told NPR she makes less than $35,000 and spends nearly $2,000 to boost her students’ success. She now heads up an organization called Begging for Education, which aims to help financially support teachers.

As for Blizzard, whether it’s extra pencils, glue or some nice home decor, she has every intention to get teachers what they need for the year. She also has some words of thanks for all they do.

“So this is my public service announcement. It is August. You need to send your thank note now to your teacher. You need to send it now,” she concluded. “So stop your complaining, go out and get your stupid supplies. And you need to hug a teacher on the first day of school. That’s it. Go hug a teacher.”