How Much You Should Really Spend On A Wedding Gift: 4 Tips To Get It Right

You likely have your fair share of weddings to attend this year, so knowing just how much you’re expected to spend on a gift is probably a smart thing to research.

It’s definitely not an exact science, but you should take into consideration a few key points.

  • How well do you know the couple getting married?
  • What do you have in your budget to spend on a gift?

These are exactly the type of things you have to ask yourself before ultimately finding the right gift at the right price for you. For gifts that will keep your wallet happy, as well as please the bride and groom, keep these four things in mind.

1. Consider Your Relationship

According to Good Housekeeping, RetailMeNot recently conducted a survey polling how much wedding guests were willing to spend. The values differed for a sibling, a close friend, a co-worker and an acquaintance (See #3 for dollar amounts).


2. Stick To The Registry

It’s always wise to stick to the registry because these items have been hand-picked by the couple. You’d hate to spend any amount of money on something they wouldn’t appreciate and would wind up returning. Besides, the items they’ve picked will help them make their house feel more like home. Maybe they plan to apply the purchase price of smaller gifts to a big one at the store (like a piece of furniture, knife set or espresso machine).


3. Choose Something Within Your Price Range

The RetailMeNot survey showed that wedding guests were not looking to spend more than the following:

  • $195 on a sibling
  • $159 on a close friend
  • $63 on a co-worker
  • $45 on an acquaintance

So, keep this in mind when considering how much you can and would like to spend.

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4. When All Else Fails, Get A Card

If you’re already spending a lot of money on travel expenses, a bridesmaid dress or you just have been to too many weddings to possibly get a nice, expensive gift for everyone, then show the couple how much you care in words. A thoughtful note with a small gift card for their registry is still a nice and thoughtful gift, states etiquette expert, Elain Swan.


Here’s to getting the perfect gift for each and every wedding you attend!

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]

Photo by Corey Ann