There’s a Museum Dedicated to Dogs Opening in New York City

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It might not seem like there’s space for a new museum in New York City, but there’s an extra-special one coming this winter. On Feb. 8, the American Kennel Club is bringing back the Museum of the Dog to midtown Manhattan. So, now dog-lovers won’t have to travel all the way to Germany to check out tail wag-worthy art.

This museum marks the first time the AKC Museum of the Dog and the AKC Collection have come together on display. The original AKC Museum of the Dog opened in Manhattan in the early 1980s before moving to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1987. Now, it’s ready for a New York City reunion.

Dog Displays

The AKC Museum of the Dog will be home to more than 180 pieces of dog artwork. And because it’s a museum about dogs, not all exhibits will be two-dimensional — there will be interactive digital exhibits as well.  It won’t be hard to spend at least an hour sniffing out the whole space.

The digital “Meet the Breeds” table is likely to be a highlight. This table will let you explore the characteristics of all 193 of AKC’s recognized breeds. It’s one of many exhibits made to appeal to young people.

Another interactive display allows you to discover the dog breed that looks most like you by analyzing your photo and matching you with your dog-ppelganger. It might help you find the perfect dog for you, as dogs and owners do tend to look alike. The museum’s Instagram page gives us a glimpse of this “Find Your Match” game:

Family Activities

The museum is made for all ages, and interactive displays appeal to kids too. There’s an activities table dedicated to little ones where they can create a work of art and then share it on the community wall with all the other art.

There’s also a digital puppy-training simulator. You can test your skills training a puppy with an avatar, without any mess on your own carpet.

As the museum’s Instagram posts promise, it’s fun for the entire family:

Four-legged Future

This is just the beginning for the museum. The opening exhibit will be on display for six months before new art will replace it. The AKC has about eight times as many pieces of art in storage as there are out on display.

Tickets will run $15 for adults, $5 for children under 12, and $10 for students, seniors, youth, and military/veterans. The museum also offers memberships with extra perks. With all the art rotating through, you may want to visit again and again.

And here, like in any museum, you’ll exit through the gift shop, which is stocked with dog-themed toys and accessories.

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