‘My Little Pony’ hair is the newest trend in hair color

Had the same hair color for decades? Fancy something a little different? Well, you can’t get much more different than the latest hot hair trend — and if you were a fan of a certain four-legged toy in the ’80s, this will be even more meaningful.

“My Little Pony” hair is taking over social media, and it’s guaranteed to brighten up even the darkest of days. Just like the cute equine characters with their flowing manes and tails, the candy-colored look is sweet and whimsical.

Australian hair colorist and stylist Chita Beseau offers plenty of “My Little Pony” hair inspiration on her Instagram page.

The look in this pic uses tape extensions for added volume and length.


Here’s another beautiful example, shared on Instagram by Stockholm’s Salon Luc:


It looks just as amazing on short hair as it does on long locks.


The creative style in the Instagram shot below shows off Beseau’s skills even more. “I created a Gods Eye root color placement to show a variety of colors at the root area that can be exposed & expressed any way the hair is worn up … it is painted in the pattern of a weaving technique used by the Huichol Indians of Mexico when making Gods Eyes,” the stylist wrote on Instagram.

“A God’s eye (Ojo de Dios) is a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are used.”


Another creative hair colorist, Kelly O’Leary from Manitoba, Canada, tied some of her client’s hair in a bow to complete the look.


O’Leary’s bright images on Instagram show just how varied the “My Little Pony” look can be.


If you don’t want a full head — or mane — in “My Little Pony” style, you could go for a strategically-placed section to create a winning hairband effect, as in this Instagram image from Beseau.


It’s official: Nordic white hair is so 2019. In 2020, it’s all about a candy-colored mane.