Here’s A Must-Have Accessory For Anyone Who Wears A Hair Tie On Her Wrist

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If you have long hair, chances are you carry a hair tie somewhere on your person for when you want to put your hair up. And, chances are, the place said hair band often ends up is around your wrist.

While there are some health reasons you should avoid this, it can also be bothersome if the elastic is too tight. Not to mention, if you’re trying to look fancy, a hair tie around your wrist doesn’t exactly gel.

That’s where these awesome bracelets come in, serving both form and function. They look cool and serve to hold your hair tie at the same time. Keep it simple and wear one, or buy a few and stack them. The best part may be that you can mix and match colors just by looping in a different colored hair tie.

There are a number of different companies and artisans making these nifty cuffs these days. We’ve sorted through the results to find some of the cutest and most reasonable options:

1. Hammered Metal Cuff in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver

These cool hammered bracelets from bittersweet are made from anodized aluminum with a gold, rose gold or silver finish. The bracelets come with a black hair elastic, and while malleable, are designed to fit wrists that are 5.75″ to 6.75″ in circumference.

The Grommet, $24.95 

2. Scalloped Cuff in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver

These bracelets from Bela Bracelets have a cool scalloped edge and also come in gold, rose gold or silver. They’re made from stainless steel and plated with brass.

Etsy/Bela Bracelets

Etsy, $12.50 or set of three for $30

3. Personalized Bracelet

This Etsy seller offers gold, rose gold and silver finishes and also offers personalization, making these an excellent choice for gifts, especially bridesmaid gifts.

Etsy/Tayari Shop

Etsy, $10.99-$17.99 (plus free shipping on an order of three or more with code SALEFS)

4. Hair Tie Bangle

If you prefer to wear a bangle (a bracelet that connects all the way around) rather than a cuff, then this style from Molly Bands would be a good option for you. These bangles fit wrists up to 7 inches around, and each one come with two black hair ties.

M Collection/Amazon

Amazon, $19.99 (currently available only in Brilliant Gold)