Nestlé just created espresso chocolate chips made with real coffee


Your baking’s about to change for the better. Get ready to switch up your usual chocolate chip routine and swap it for the latest product from Nestlé Toll House. The chocolatier has created espresso chocolate chips that are made with real coffee, so not only will your sweet treats be packed with coffee flavor — they’ll give you a bit of a jolt, too.

The chocolate morsels are made with all of your favorite ingredients, including roasted coffee, cocoa and milk, and according to Nestlé Toll House, they’re perfect for dropping into your go-to cookie or brownie recipe. Although, we also love the idea of packing these into your morning pancakes or protein-filled breakfast cookies just for an extra dose of caffeine when you need it most!

You can find these espresso chocolate chips in Walmart stores, and they were available online with the in-store pick-up method for $2.97 per 9-ounce bag:


This isn’t the only recent product roll-out that will change the way you bake forever. Nestlé is keeping the good things coming by also releasing unicorn-inspired chocolate chips. These chips are vanilla-flavored but are far from plain. They’re pink-and-blue swirled and will make your unicorn-themed desserts all the more magical.

These chocolate chips are also available at Walmart, though they were out of stock online at the time of publication. You may have better luck tracking down these colorful chips in Walmart stores.

The unicorn morsels retail for $2.97 for a 10-ounce bag:


According to The Impulsive Buy on Instagram, both flavors have been spotted on store shelves at Walmart:

Yep, that means the unicorn version, too:

Meanwhile, @junkfoodmom on Instagram also tracked down the magical little morsels at Meijer. The post also pointed out that the vanilla flavor was subtle, but the blue and pink swirls certainly weren’t: “Straight out of the bag they really don’t taste like much. I don’t get much vanilla flavor. I’ll have to try them baked into magical treats. And if they don’t add much flavor.. they sure are purty,” the Instagram caption read:

There aren’t many reviews for the newly-released espresso version just yet, but those who have tried them already sounded off in the comments section of @theimpulsivebuy’s Instagram post noting that they were “very good.”

All we can say is — bring on the caffeine!

Which of the latest Nestlé products are you most excited to try?

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