This New Notebook Design Lets You Remove And Reorder Its Pages

As a writer, I still like drafting my thoughts in paper notebooks more than typing on a computer (and I’ve never owned an iPad, so that is irrelevant), but I find it frustrating when I want to reorder things I wrote.

So when I heard of this magnetic notebook—which allows you to remove, add, and rearrange pages—I was intrigued and thought WHERE DO I GET ONE?!

The Rekonect Notebook, which is only available via Kickstarter right now as far as I can tell, is the solution to all my reordering-my-writing problems! And yours, too!

It looks like a regular notebook, and is black faux leather, only, it has a magnetic spine. It’s available with 60 or 120 sheets of paper and you have a choice of line, graph, dotted or blank paper. The best part? You don’t have to only use it for writing, but drawing and other things, as well!

You may wonder: Where does your pen go? Thanks to the magnetic spine, it also doubles as a pen holder (assuming the pen has a metal clip).

You can also remove pages and print out documents on them. Amazing, huh? So you can have a notebook with some handwritten pages and some printed pages. Can’t say that about other notebooks, right? And if you’re worried about putting objects like your phone near the magnetic notebook, worry not. Your phone will be fine!

If you want to order one, head to Kickstarter right now—or within the next 32 days (as of Nov. 10). Though they already reached their $75,000 goal, you can still order a Reknoect Notebook (for $39), plus extra packets of paper. The notebooks will be delivered to backers in April 2016.