Newborn photographer takes adorable pictures of baby goats

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Think newborn humans are cute? Well, baby goats are giving them a run for their money. Sherry Pratt, the photographer behind Moments Whispered in Columbia, California, has a reputation for adorable baby photo shoots, but she’s recently diversified her portfolio with newborn goats. 

In February, Pratt blogged about the experience, revealing that she and her friend had visited the Spenker Family Farm in Lodi, California, and she’d taken the opportunity of baby goat season to take a few pictures.

“The day was sunny and bright and all the Momma Goats were waiting in the wings to deliver,” Pratt wrote. “Each weighted down with bellies about to burst. As we took pictures of the new kids, we heard a bunch of ‘Naaaa! Naaaa’s, so we went out to see what the ruckus was. Well, a Momma was giving birth. One then two very healthy babies were born right there for us to see. The miracle of birth is never boring…We ewwed and awwed over the new arrivals and then went back to capture more cuteness.”

She shared a photo on the blog, writing, “Here is just one that I adore! Isn’t she the cutest?” She posted the same picture of the sweet baby goat on her Instagram page.

Pratt admitted that “pet photography can be a real challenge,” but pointed out that “who can resist this face?”

Pratt used blankets, flowers and other props to create the same effect we’re used to seeing in newborn baby shoots to make the baby goats (which are known as kids until they’re six months old) really look the part.

While you’re cooing over Pratt’s baby goat pics on Instagram, you might want to check out some other baby goat accounts — there are more than you might think. Bracken Oaks Farm, a small family farm in Santa Cruz, California, raises Nigerian Dwarf goats and swears by “letting goats be goats.”

Their posts are further proof that baby goats are possibly the cutest thing in the whole world. (Sorry, baby humans.)

Unconventional Acres farm in Arena, Wisconsin, also gives its Instagram followers plenty of feel-good vibes with regular pictures of their sweet kids.

Too cute!

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