The newest CoverGirl is a 69-year-old grandmother—and she’s gorgeous

In recent years, CoverGirl has made it a company-wide priority to promote diversity and expand our definition of “beauty.” Issa Rae, the African-American actress and creator of the HBO show “Insecure,” became a CoverGirl earlier this month. In 2016, beauty blogger Nura Afia was the first CoverGirl to wear a hijab. And the cosmetics giant even featured its first “CoverBoy,” James Charles.

And now the brand is diversifying when it comes to the ages of its models. The newest CoverGirl is a model, dietician and entrepreneur with three children. She is also a 69-year-old grandmother.

Maye Musk has been modeling for more than 50 years and has recently appeared in advertisements for Target, Virgin America and Clinique. She is more than just beautiful, however—she also has two master’s degrees and is the mother of PayPal and Tesla founder, Elon Musk. Her daughter, Tosca, is a filmmaker and her other son, Kimbal, is a founder of The Kitchen Community, a nonprofit that builds gardens in schools.

maye musk photo
Getty Images | Dia Dipasupil

“I just love that CoverGirl wants to do diversity,” Musk told The New York Times. “They haven’t had a model this old in their campaigns. I’m turning 70 in April of next year. I think that women will be really inspired to see that even at 69 you can get a beauty campaign.”

Musk is showing no signs of slowing down, and being a CoverGirl is just another feat in her long list of accomplishments. Sharing a screenshot of a story regarding her latest turn on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, the grandmother of 10 captioned her post, “💪💪Wait until I’m 70💃😜 #justgettingstarted”–Xr_DhwB/?taken-by=mayemusk

“Aging has been good for me,” Musk said. “You develop confidence, you’re able to handle the knocks a little easier. I model for my age. I’m not trying to hide it and say I’m 50. I’m so proud that I’m going be 70.”

Ukonwa Ojo, the senior vice president of CoverGirl, calls Musk a “timeless beauty,” and says she has paved the way for others who might not meet the industry standard of what people typically think of as a “model.”

“This is exactly what CoverGirl is all about: owning your identity and proudly sharing with the world all the facets that make you, you,” Ojo said in a press release. “Maye is an affirmation of the power and importance of diversity and inclusivity in the world of beauty. She is unstoppable and, together, we’re just getting started!”

We cant wait to see what’s next for Musk and CoverGirl!