Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is the most dog-friendly car of all time

If you have a dog and like to travel, you know how difficult it can be getting your pet situated in the car when you hit the road.

Whether it’s just getting your pup into the vehicle, or making sure they don’t get fussy in the backseat, driving with an animal can be a real hassle.

Thankfully, someone has now designed a car specifically for dog owners who want to easily travel with their pets.

Nissan’s new dog-friendly concept car called the X-Trail 4Dogs is decked out with features to make driving with your dog a convenient, enjoyable and even stylish experience.

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Getty Images | Jeff J Mitchell

First they get their own line of IKEA furniture and now their own car—dogs have it made!

The car features a 360-degree dog shower and blow dryer with an extendable hose, as well as an internal drying system, so you can clean off your dog and keep your car tidy after a muddy day of playing outside.


The rear compartment is made with premium, wipe-clean leather, so any stray dirt or pet hair can easily be cleaned or removed.


The car also has some amenities for keeping your pup comfy, like a non-spill water dispenser and a treat bowl that rewards them with food when they place their paw on it.

It also has a slide-away ramp that makes it easy for any dog to climb into the rear compartment.

Dogs Enjoying Winter Storm Jonas
Getty Images | Bruce Bennett

There’s also plenty of storage space to keep toys and the rest of your items without clutter.

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Getty Images | Matt Cardy

To make sure your dog is secure while you’re on the road, the car includes clip-in harness hooks to use as a seatbelt, and there’s even a two-way video “dog-cam” with audio so you can check how your dog is doing during the drive.

Flickr | Eddie~S

The camera goes both ways and includes audio, so you can provide your pet with some soothing words once you’ve started moving.

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Getty Images | Mike Windle

Currently, the car is just a concept, but let’s hope it soon become a reality!

To learn more about the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs, check out the video below:

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