Apple, Google And Other Companies That Will Hire You Without A College Degree

Although a college degree is a prerequisite for many top jobs these days, there are still a lot of employment options at prestigious companies that do not require a degree.

Job-search site Glassdoor recently put together a list of 15 top employers that do not require applicants to have a college degree. These companies say a formal education is not necessary to succeed, and value hands-on experience and on-the-job training. If you’re job hunting without a degree, consider looking for open positions at these companies.

1. Google

Glassdoor Rating: 4.4/5

Tech giant Google is known for its incredible employee perks, including parties, company outings, on-site gyms, free meals and paid parental leave for both moms and dads. Google is hiring for the positions of product manager, recruiter, software engineer and product marketing manager in its offices in Pryor, Oklahoma; Mountain View, California; Austin, Texas; Indianapolis, Chicago and San Francisco. According to Glassdoor, the software engineer job starts at $102,000 per year and no degree is required, provided you have previous experience.

google photo
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2. Ernst & Young

Glassdoor Rating: 3.7/5

Professional services firm Ernst & Young is one of the largest companies of its kind and is also one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. You may know them as the company who counts and keeps the votes secret for the Emmys and Golden Globes. The company is hiring for the positions of assurance services senior, risk advisor, experience management manager and tax services senior. Hiring locations include Alpharetta, Georgia; Cleveland, New York City, San Francisco and Boston.

ernst young photo
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3. Penguin Random House

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8/5

Publisher Penguin Random House puts out more than 70,000 digital books and 15,000 print books each year. The company is headquartered in New York City and has operations in 20 countries across five continents. But you don’t have to have a college degree to work there, according to Glassdoor. Penguin Random House is hiring for the positions of marketing designer, publicity assistant, senior manager of finance and production assistant at several of its locations, including New York City, London and Colorado Springs.

penguin random house photo
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4. Costco Wholesale

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9/5

Costco is already probably your favorite place to stock up on bulk foods, and it turns out it’s also a rewarding place to work. Employees cite a great corporate culture, good wages and job security among the perks of working for the warehouse-store chain. You may need a membership to shop there but you don’t need a degree to work there! Costco is hiring for the positions of cashier, stocker, pharmacy sales assistant and bakery wrapper at stores across the country, including in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Vallejo, California; Issaquah, Washington and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

costco photo
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5. Whole Foods

Glassdoor Rating: 3.5/5

Grocer Whole Foods offers a number of perks to its employees, including a 20-percent discount on in-store products, performance-based bonuses and discounts at other companies, such as AT&T, Apple and Yeti, depending on the region. Whole Foods is hiring for the positions of grocery team member, cashier, bakery team member and whole body team member at locations nationwide, including Napa, California; Petaluma, California; Tigard, Oregon; Wichita, Austin and Portland.

Whole Foods Plans To Be More Animal Friendly
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6. Hilton

Glassdoor Rating: 4.0/5

Hotel chain Hilton is a leader in the hospitality industry and has been in business since 1919. In 2018, the company was named to the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For List for the third year in a row. Hilton is hiring for the positions of event manager, front office manager, housekeeper and hotel manager at locations in San Rafael, California; Napa, California, Tampa, Chicago and Indianapolis, among others.

7. Publix

Glassdoor Rating: 3.7/5

Publix is the largest and fastest-growing employee-owned grocery chain in the nation. The Florida-based company offers a tuition-reimbursement program, among other appealing perks. Publix is hiring for the positions of pharmacist, retail set-up coordinator and maintenance technician at locations including Lakeland, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia and Deerfield Beach, Florida.

publix photo
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8. Apple

Glassdoor Rating: 4.0/5

Technology leader Apple can be a tough company to break into, with applicants describing grueling multiple-round interviews, and if you land a gig there, you’ll have to get used to the company’s unique culture. Still, working for Apple comes with a number of cool perks, like employer-paid egg freezing and free beer and appetizers at company parties. Apple is hiring for the positions of design verification, engineering project manager and iPhone buyer at several locations, including Santa Clara, California; Austin, Texas; Charleston and Las Vegas.

apple photo
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9. Starbucks

Glassdoor Rating: 3.8/5

Coffee chain Starbucks offers some pretty interesting freebies to its employees, including a free Spotify Premium account; a free pound of coffee, tea or a K-cup box per week; matching 401(k); gym membership discounts and deals through other partners like AMC Theatres and Dell. Starbucks is hiring for the positions of barista, shift supervisor and store managers at locations in Dublin, Georgia; San Francisco and Compton, California, as well as many other locations.

starbucks photo
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10. Nordstrom

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6/5

Although many department stores are struggling in today’s retail landscape, Nordstrom is tapping into customer data in order to best meet people’s needs and remain relevant. Some perks of working for the Fortune 100 Best company include an employee discount for life when you retire at age 55 or older after 10 to 15 years of employment, special awards for staff achievements and a priority on diversity. The company is hiring for the positions of retail sales, cleaning, stock and fulfillment and bartender at locations in Phoenix; Las Vegas; Washington and Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as other cities.

nordstrom photo
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11. Home Depot

Glassdoor Rating: 3.5/5

Working for this home-improvement store chain can be a great way to fund your own home project on the cheap thanks to the employee discount. The company claims more than 87 percent of its leadership started as hourly associates, so Home Depot definitely takes care of its own. Home Depot is hiring for many positions, including department supervisor, customer service sales and store support at locations nationwide, including Colonial Heights; Virginia; South Plainfield; New Jersey and San Diego.

home depot photo
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12. IBM

Glassdoor Rating: 3.6/5

Technology giant IBM is headquartered in Armonk, New York and has operations in more than 170 countries around the world. In business since 1911, IBM is still at the forefront of technology innovation and its recent patents include a coffee-delivering drone. The company is hiring for several positions, including financial blockchain engineer, lead recruiter and negotiations professional at locations including San Francisco; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Austin, Texas.

ibm photo
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13. Bank of America

Glassdoor Rating: 3.5/5

Bank of America has more than 57 million customers worldwide and is a major supporter of the U.S. military. Bank of America is hiring for the positions of client service representative, client associate, analyst and executive assistant at locations in Tulsa; Wilmington, Delaware and New York City, among others.

bank of america photo
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14. Chipotle

Glassdoor Rating: 3.4/5

Fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle recently announced the launch of an accelerator program to find new and innovative companies in the food and farming space, showing they are investing in the future. Perks of working there include getting a free meal and drink at every shift and half-off other meals so be prepared to get your fill of burritos. Chipotle is hiring for positions including district manager, kitchen manager and service manager at many locations nationwide, including Sandy, Utah; Woburn, Massachusetts and Pleasant Hill, California.

chipotle photo
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15. Lowe’s

Glassdoor Rating: 3.3/5

Hardware chain Lowe’s is closing stores and slashing inventory to better compete with rival Home Depot, but the company is still hiring for the positions of plumbing associate, commercial sales loader and lumber associate, among other roles at locations in Westborough, Massachusetts; Omaha, Nebraska and Mooresville, North Carolina.

lowes photo
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If you never finished college (or even started it), that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great job in today’s landscape. Look into the Glassdoor pages of each of these companies for openings you may be perfect for. Also, don’t forget about the ever-expanding gig economy if you have time for a side hustle.