The latest hair trend is likely one you’ve already mastered—the Octopus Bun

Keeping up with beauty trends can be hard work. From fish-tail braids to Bantu knots, you gotta watch a lot of YouTube how-to videos if you want to learn how to achieve these chic, complicated styles.

But here’s some good news: one of the latest hair trends is so super-easy that you probably already know how to do it. In fact, you probably already ARE doing it, at least when you’re washing your face or cleaning the house. Except that now, your messy, can’t-be-bothered hairstyle is actually a trend, and people are rocking it outside the house!

Called the Octopus Bun, this is a messy hairstyle in which you let the ends of your hair poke out of your bun…kind of like octopus tentacles. (Hence the name.)

Of course, before it was called the Octopus Bun, you probably just thought of it as your “messy hair-don’t-care” look while hanging out at home. If you have medium or long locks, the first thing you probably do in the a.m. is pull your hair into this quick, messy bun so you can brush your teeth or apply your makeup without your hair getting in the way.

But now that the Octopus Bun is trending, you can actually take this messy-hairstyle out onto the streets.

If your hair style typically includes scorching your hair with a straightener (or hair dryer), why not go with the flow, put down the heat and give this this style a chance? Your locks will thank you for not putting them through a scorching wind tunnel every single day.

However, like all “effortless” looks, the Octopus Bun does require a little bit of work if you want to make sure that style says “Hollywood” rather than “Hobo.”

Here are some tips on how to achieve this look:

Don’t Try This Style With Just-Washed Hair

You want your hair to be just a little dirty for this style. Hair that is 1-3 days from your last wash is ideal, as it will be more mussy and relaxed. So just a little dirty, but not too much— too much grease in your hair will give you the slicked back (instead of gently tousled) look.

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Use Texturing Spray

If your hair is thinner, limp or lackluster, your Octopus Bun might look more like a Octopus Flatbread. Consider using dry shampoo, sea-salt spray or texturing spray to give your hair a little more volume and texture.

If you’re looking for a simple DIY texturizing spray that you can make at home, try this recipe from our friends at Wellness Mama. She uses epsom salt, Himalayan (or Sea Salt), some essential oils and conditioner. Get the full recipe and application instructions on her blog – you and you can thank us later.

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Don’t Overthink It

If you’ve been working on your Octopus Bun for more than 5-10 minutes, you have steered into the danger zone. Your bun is meant to have a relaxed, urban, too-cool-to-care vibe, not “I have been stress-crying in front of my vanity mirror for 20 minutes.”

What do you think about the Octopus Bun? Would you rock this look out of the house? Do you think it’s a silly trend of a basic hairstyle most of us already wear around the house?

So what celebrities have rocked the octopus bun? Kendall Jenner is notorious for pulling up her locks (both in a casual setting and as a glam gal on the red carpet). Kaley Cuoco (aka @normancook on Instagram) is notorious for pulling her hair into an Octopus bun after a ride on one of her horses. PS: If you’re a horse person, you definitely need to check out her Instagram account—her horses are gorgeous.

And whole JLo mostly sports a slicked back and sleek top knot, you can sometimes find her wearing a more relaxed Octopus bun, as depicted here.

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If you’ve never tried it, but consistently find yourself pulling your hair into some type of bun to keep your locks out of your face, why not give it a go next time?

[h/t: Bustle]