Oreo has finally revealed its mystery flavor

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Over the years, Oreo has come out with some pretty interesting flavor variations. There’s Maple Creme, for example, and who could forget Marshmallow Peeps Oreos?

Back in September 2019, “America’s Favorite Cookie” released their new “Mystery” flavor. This new flavor looked like a classic Oreo, with dark, chocolate-colored cookies and the traditional white creme on the inside. Since the mystery flavor did not provide any clues in the form of its appearance as to what it might taste like, people really had to hone in on their sense of taste to figure it out. Oreo fans were able to try the cookies and enter their best guess on the Oreo site, which nabbed them a chance at winning $50,000.

Now, the big secret has finally been revealed. On Dec. 2, the brand announced that the Mystery Oreo is Churro! Oreo took to Twitter to share the news:

“Case closed!” reads the tweet. “The #MysteryOREO is Churro flavored creme. Nice work, super-sleuths. We have notified the winner directly. More details at MysteryOREO.com.”

The staff at People gave the Mystery Oreos a try when they came out earlier this year, and they thought the flavor might be Teddy Grahams, due to the strong cinnamon scent they encountered. That was actually a pretty good guess because churros are a fried dough pastry in which the main flavors are often cinnamon and sugar, while Teddy Grahams are graham cracker-based snacks, which come in flavors such as cinnamon and honey.

“Known for delighting street fair and carnival-goers across the globe, Churro is becoming an increasingly popular flavor trend in the U.S., which made it the perfect, playful Mystery OREO flavor to surprise fans,” a representative for Oreo told People in an email. “The hints of cinnamon flavor in Churro flavored creme were picked up by many supertasters. Other than Churro, popular flavor guesses included funnel cake, graham cracker, gingerbread and more.”

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Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

While you’re checking your stores for Churro Oreos, don’t forget to also look for the new Oreo flavors expected next month, Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow. You may want to stock up your kitchen with different Oreos to try!

What do you think of the big reveal?

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