This Couple’s Engagement Was Photo-Bombed By A Bunch Of Otters And It Was Adorable


When Jordan Doyle and Mary Lister decided to tie the knot, the significant others got some help from magnificent otters.

Doyle and Lister are taking a year off from working in the United Kingdom to travel the world and Lister is a big fan of otters (who isn’t?), so the couple went to Singapore to see the animals in Marina Reservoir. They got in touch with local photographer Bernard Seah, who has proven himself to be a bit of an otter whisperer.

While out with a group, Doyle decided it was the perfect time to pop the question. Seah wasn’t there for the moment, however, so he asked the couple to re-create the proposal near the beach. Just as he was setting up, a few curious otters decided to see what all the fuss was about, and Seah got an amazing shot.

“When I asked them to pose for a photo, the otters came out of the water and approached the couple,” Seah told the BBC. “I was like, oh my god, I cannot believe this.”

The post has been shared more than 600 times and featured on all sorts of websites, because otters are internet gold.

Seah said he thinks these particular otters were members of a group known as the Bishan 10, one of several otter families in Singapore’s urban areas that were featured in a nature documentary, which is why Doyle and Lister first decided to go to Singapore.

“I’d had the ring with me for a while and Mary is a huge fan of otters, so I thought to myself, right, this is the time to propose,” Doyle told BBC.

And thanks to that timing, the couple will now have a one-of-a-kind photo. Seah said the wild otters rarely approach humans.

Maybe they are angling for an invitation to the wedding. Or perhaps the otters saw Fiona the baby hippo photo-bomb a proposal last year and they wanted in on the fun.

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