Passenger seated next to family crochets hat for baby taking her first flight

baby wearing crocheted hat

Many of us have picked up a hobby or two to get us through the pandemic, but Meegan Rubin’s new skill actually helped her make a few new friends — and one very new friend in particular. On a flight from Mexico to New Jersey, Rubin crocheted a hat for a tiny 5-month-old baby whose parents were seated next to her. Those parents shared the random act of kindness on TikTok, and the video quickly went viral. Check out the clip and get ready to smile:

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The adorable baby girl was Romey Levine, whose parents, Kelly and Jake, were returning from a New Year’s vacation to Mexico. The return flight to New Jersey was only her second experience with air travel, but she spent much of the time fascinated with Rubin, who was knitting a jacket in the seat next to her.

“Her hands were moving a million miles an hour and Romey was just obsessed with it,” Kelly Levine told GMA.

It turns out Rubin was also enchanted with the baby girl and decided to put those speed-crochet skills to good use. She happened to have some yarn that was the same color as Romey’s outfit and started to knit her a beanie. The Levines had no idea what she was up to until the flight was over and Rubin handed their daughter her new gift.

As you can see in the video, Romey’s parents were delighted and gave a shout-out to Rubin’s small crochet business. Rubin says she plans to return the favor by making a crocheted dress for little Romey.

“Creating something out of a string is so rewarding,” said Rubin. “It’s like holding the entire universe inside your hands.”

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