Paul Rudd reveals his favorite scene from ‘Clueless’

Every girl growing up in the 1990s was crazy for “Clueless,” the 1995 movie starring Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz, a fashion-obsessed and popular teen who hides a heart of gold under her ditzy, Valley Girl persona. Teenagers across the country imitated Cher’s iconic style and wished they could find a guy just like Josh, Cher’s adorably awkward ex-step-brother-turned-love-interest, memorably portrayed by a young Paul Rudd. He was only 26 when he appeared in the film and, like many other actors in the movie, it was the beginning of a successful career.

This November, an off-Broadway musical production of “Clueless” will debut in New York City, and Rudd said he’s excited to see the classic teen comedy transformed for the stage.

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Speaking at the premiere of his new movie, “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” Rudd talked about his favorite scene from “Clueless,” and his choice may surprise you. Out of all the laugh-inducing moments from the film, the scene that the actor loves best is where his character, Cher and Cher’s father, Mel Horowitz (played by Dan Hedaya), all take out their flip phones at the same time when they hear a ring.

“I remember thinking that was the most cutting-edge joke I had ever seen,” Rudd told Vanity Fair. “You look at it now and you laugh, but we didn’t have the internet or social media when we made ‘Clueless.’ That scene had never really been done at the time. I hope they keep it for [the] nostalgic feeling.”

Watch the funny scene he references in the clip below:

Rudd makes a great point! Nowadays people seem to be glued to their devices 24/7, but back then, having a cell phone on you at all times was still somewhat of a novelty. In fact, trying to explain the concept of landlines to today’s teenagers may be met with an indignant “As if!”