Crown Royal is rolling out peach-flavored whisky, and here are some cocktails you could make with it

Crown Royal

Aside from warmer weather, the best part of spring for me has always been the flavors. You know, the juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, and — my favorite! — spring cocktails. From lemon and lime to watermelon and berry, fruity drinks are somehow just more refreshing when the weather is warm.

Personally, anything with peach has always been my go-to. While you can already find peach vodka, peach tequila, and some brands of peach-flavored whisky, there is now something for fans of Crown Royal, too!

The new limited-edition Crown Royal Peach is now available nationwide for around $24.99 a bottle. The brand says the new whisky is infused with the flavor of fresh Georgia peaches, as well as a “touch of creamy vanilla.”

Crown Royal

While you can enjoy the peach whisky alone or on ice, the brand has also created some recipes using the new flavor. If you want a refreshing iced tea, try the recipe below:

Royal Peach Tea

– 1.5 oz Crown Royal Peach

– 6.0 oz iced tea

– 1 slice of lemon or peach

Fill a mason jar with crushed ice. Add Crown Royal Peach and iced tea. Stir gently then garnish with a lemon or peach slice (or both!)

Looking for a more citrusy flavor? Whip up this cocktail instead.

Royal Peach Fizz

– 0.5 oz Crown Royal Peach

– 0.5 oz orange juice

– 4.0 oz champagne

– 1 mint sprig

Add Crown Royal Peach and orange juice to a stemless champagne glass. Top with champagne. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Crown Royal

If you’re feeling the peach vibe but aren’t a whisky fan, there’s another new peach-flavored product this spring you might want to check out instead. RITAS, which makes margaritas in a can, is now making RITAS Spritz in flavors such as pear orange sangria, strawberry blueberry sangria and white peach rosé.

There is only 6 percent alcohol per can, so don’t expect the same effect as a shot of peach whisky — but it definitely looks like a lighter choice if you prefer something bubbly!


Will you be picking up some peachy booze for spring cocktails?


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