Here’s The Peak Age For Beauty, Happiness, Salary And More

Youth is wasted on the young, that’s for sure. But life is not all downhill after you turn 30. In fact, according to science, humans hit different peaks throughout their lives.

Our salaries are highest around age 40, and our arithmetic skills are best at 51, for instance. And get this—life satisfaction peaks at the ripe old age of 69. So, whenever you start feeling like you’re past your prime, just remember the best is likely yet to come.

when you peak at everything

Here are a few peaks you have to look forward to as you age!

Age 7

This is a great time to learn a new language. If you want your children to be bilingual, they need to start practicing long before high school Spanish or French class.

Age 18 and Age 22

Brain processing power peaks at age 18, which is perfect timing for high school grads heading off to college. Remembering names peaks at 22 (or 23-24), just in time for all that networking you’ll need to do as you start your career.

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Age 32

This is the time when your ability to remember faces hits its peak—a full 10 years after you’re best at remembering names. So when you hear about someone who “can’t put the name with the face,” this may explain that. (Test your famous facial recognition skills here.)

Age 51

The early 50s are prime time for understanding people’s emotions. This makes a lot of sense because at age 51, you have the compassion and wisdom that comes with life experience, but are youthful enough that you can still relate to younger generations.

Age 69

After nearly seven decades of communicating, our vocabulary is top notch at age 69. Incidentally, life satisfaction also peaks this year. As there chart above indicates, there is a life satisfaction peak at age 23, but as Insider reports, there’s a second peak at age 69. So, if you weren’t paying attention in your 20s, you’ll have another chance to enjoy that life satisfaction!

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Age 74

Happiness with your body peaks at age 74. Sure, you may no longer have the muscle mass or volume of hair you had in your 20s and 30s, but by the time you’re in your 70s, you know who are and you’re pretty darn confident about it!

Age 82

Just when you thought there were no more milestones left to hit, psychological well-being peaks at age 82.


[h/t: Insider]