Peeps-flavored Pepsi is back in time for Easter


If you missed out on trying Peeps-flavored Pepsi when it was released in 2021, the brand is making sure you’ll be able to get some this Easter.

Only a few thousand fans were able to win a can a few years ago. But his time around, the marshmallow-flavored cola is available for a limited time at retailers nationwide. Pepsi describes the drink as “surprisingly delicious,” noting that it combines the taste of Pepsi cola with Peeps, making for a “pillowy-soft marshmallow cola.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to reignite our partnership with Peeps, bringing two iconic brands back together after the frenzy of consumer interest in 2021,” Katelyn Meola, director, brand Pepsi, said in a press release. “The collaboration is truly unparalleled — a delicious and refreshing treat, celebrated by two loyal fanbases, that brings unapologetic enjoyment to Pepsi and Peeps lovers all over the country. Since only a few fans were able to get their hands on the coveted cans last time, we’re thrilled to give everyone across the country the chance to indulge in Pepsi x Peeps this time around.”

Pepsi x Peeps is available nationwide now in 7.5-ounce mini-can multipacks and 20-ounce bottles. You can use this product locator to find a retailer near you that carries it.


While Pepsi is the first soda company to add Peeps flavors to its product, the marshmallow candy has been popping up in more than just Easter baskets over the last few years. If you’re a fan of the classic treat, there have been plenty of ways to enjoy them, from jelly beans and coffee at Dunkin’ to Oreo cookies and even beer.

Peeps also come in a variety of shapes and multiple flavors. There’s even some for other holidays like Christmas and Halloween. The latest flavors for Easter 2023 include Mike and Ike, Dr Pepper and kettle corn, which is described as both sweet and salty, just like the popcorn.

Kettle corn-flavored Peeps

Are you excited to try Pepsi x Peeps this Easter?

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