People Are Going Crazy For Nintendo Switch: Here’s Why

The Nintendo Switch debuted on March 3 and to say it’s a success is an understatement. Trying to find one of these game systems is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, some people waited weeks to get their hands on the first ones sold at midnight on March 3.

How successful is the Nintendo Switch? Nick Wingfield, a reporter from the New York Times, talked with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime just three days after the system launched. In a series of tweets, Wingfield shared Fils-Aime’s sales updates, including:

  1. First two-day sales in the Americas was fasted selling of any Nintendo system, including the Wii.
  2. Sales for the game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best-selling standalone title in Nintendo history

Considering the Nintendo Switch hit the market in March and not during the holidays, these sales numbers are impressive. So, what’s behind the latest gaming frenzy?

The Nintendo Switch Is Portable

One feature that makes the Nintendo Switch so popular is its portability. The Switch can connect to a TV through a game dock. This allows users to play in the comfort of their own home on a large screen.

However, when a player wants to be on the go, the Nintendo Switch can keep up. Users simply remove the tablet from the dock. The tablet offers a high-definition display that mimics a full gaming experience, no matter where you are playing.

The Nintendo Switch also has detachable Joy-Con controllers that plug into the portable system, allowing two-player games on the go, as well.

Game Titles People Crave

Remember the classic game Legend of Zelda? Video game fans do and one of the Nintendo Switch’s first game titles cashes in on that nostalgia.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has some critics calling it the best game in the series in years.

Nintendo Switch Zelda

The latest Zelda installment maintains a lot of the original’s gameplay style while creating a game that Engagdet’s reviewer Aaron Souppouris played for at least 45 hours and claims he’s barely halfway through the game.

“That’s partly because this is the biggest game Nintendo has ever made, but it’s also because Zelda just begs you to explore,” he wrote in his review.

Short-Term Shortage

Unlike previous gaming-system shortages, Nintendo plans to keep up with supplies with the Switch.

While finding the new system during the first week or two may be difficult, executives assure gamers they won’t have to wait long to pick up a Nintendo Switch.

“They’re going to be available through March, and we’re also increasing production,” Marc Franklin, Nintendo’s public relations director, told CNET.

So, just be a little patient. You should be able to jump on board the latest video game bandwagon soon enough.