People are loving this hilarious video of a little girl getting real about yoga


Going to the gym certainly isn’t for everyone, including 2-year-old Mila Stauffer. If you’ve ever dreaded hitting the treadmill or lifting some weights, this sassy toddler can totally relate.

“My mom was like, ‘Hey Mila, want to hit the gym?’ and I was like, ‘Who’s Jim? What’d he ever do to you?'” Mila says in a video posted to Instagram. “What are these people doing? People running and not getting anywhere.”

And don’t even get the gym-hating Mila started on the topic of yoga. Let’s just say, she is not a fan.

“Do you know what yoga is?” Mila asks rhetorically in the video. “It’s hineys in your face. Yuck!”

So true, Mila, so true.

“Everybody is so sweaty,” she continues. “The teachers say it’s spiritual … I think I can smell the spiritual.”

Anyone who knows anything about 2-year-olds knows Mila is obviously not writing these jokes herself, but that doesn’t make them any less funny or relatable. Since being posted in 2017, the hilarious video has racked up millions of views.

“Then this dude’s like, ‘I can bench 200!'” Mila continues. “Whatever. I can sit on the bench longer than that.”

LOL. We hear you, Mila.

Internet fame is nothing new for Mila. Her mom is the blogger behind the site Over Our Wall and Mila’s been an Instagram sensation for a while now. A video of her sharing her thoughts on preschool also went viral, with Mila being disappointed she can’t yet go to law school. She has also shared thoughts on football season, including the “so basic” fantasy football.

“Boys planning a draft like they’re planning a wedding,” she says. “It’s so sad. Your team isn’t real. If you win, you’re still a loser.”


Needless to say, Mila knows how to make the internet fall in love with her — it just requires some sass, good jokes and some well-timed eye rolls. And hey, now you know you’re not alone in your feelings of dread about going to the gym.

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Another mom has gained attention for sharing pictures on Instagram involving her kids and yoga — however, this family is definitely all about the practice. (No word on how they feel about the whole “hineys in face” part of it!)

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Charity LeBlanc started doing yoga to get back in shape after having her first child, Oakley. She kept it up during her second pregnancy with daughter Felicity, and today the trio love to practice their poses together.

“They loved to watch me do the movements even as little infants,” LeBlanc told BuzzFeed. “Now they think it’s awesome that their mom is a moving jungle gym, and sometimes pull out the mats themselves.”

LeBlanc shares their yoga adventures on her Instagram page and also on her YouTube channel where she also posts about “makeup, hair, fitness and motherhood.”

Though the family’s poses may look extreme, LeBlanc says they work up to them through many small steps. She recently posted an instructional video, so watch and learn if you’re interested in doing some family acro-yoga yourself!

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