Genius idea: This bakery will send you treats every month to help with PMS

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It’s about darn time that something this genius was invented! For all the women who crave indulgent, sweet treats during their time of the month, but are torn between binging on everything in sight and staying healthy, Moon Cycle Bakery is here to help.

You know you’re supposed to pass on fatty, sugary foods during your period and nourish your body with fruits and vegetables instead. But if you’re anything like me (or most women), your hunger levels get to all-time highs when you’re PMS-ing and you’ll eat pretty much anything.

Enter Moon Cycle Bakery, a one-of-a-kind dessert subscription service whose mission is to “re-define what your ‘time of the month’ means,” according to its website. “Here’s to more celebration, more nutrition, more self-care and more self-empowerment.” Amen to that! The service wants to help women “nourish their bodies while still feeling satisfied,” which can be tricky when you’re feeling the physically draining effects of the menstrual cycle and there’s a pint of Chunky Monkey in your freezer.

Here’s how it works: first, you sign up through the site or app and create a Moon Cycle Bakery profile. This profile lets them know your flavor preferences, if you have allergies and a little bit about yourself like what you crave during your cycle. This allows for the entire experience to be catered to you!

Moon Cycle Bakery’s app allows you to track your period, choose your treats and anything else you may need to do. Super easy. The goal? Ensure that your lovely package of life-saving sweets is at your door right when your cycle hits.

Moon Cycle Bakery hopes to “support our customers with knowledge behind what happens in their body on a monthly basis, potentially helping people learn more about themselves, what works best for them, and to deconstruct the stigma that is menstruation,” explained founder Devon Porrino Loftus in a recent Elite Daily interview.

Now to the good stuff! Moon Cycle Bakery’s treats are packed with fiber, iron and omega 6s and 3s to help ease your period-related woes — but they’re also dessert-y enough to conquer your cravings for sweets.

Current treats found on the Moon Cycle Bakery site include matcha coconut bites, raspberry black bean brownies with primrose, chocolate cups sweetened with ginger and honey, sweet potato brownies with chocolate chunks, peppermint chocolate cups and no-bake oatmeal turmeric cookies. Yum!

The treats range from vegan, gluten- and dairy-free and each description on the site explains what that treat will help with such as absorbing iron, boosting energy or fighting nausea.

How yummy do these matcha coconut bites look?

Do you have any nutritious, sweet treats you like to munch on during your time of the month that help you feel great, while curbing your cravings? Let us know in the comments.

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