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Pineapple Rum Sangria Is Almost Too Good To Be True

It it summer yet?!

The weather is warming up, and bright, sunny days are on the horizon. Before you know it, it will be time to kick off your sandals and relax with a chilled, fruity beverage. And what better drink with which to ring in the season than this pineapple rum sangria?

Pineapple rum sangria combines everything you love about sangria with the sweet bonus of pineapple rum. There’s something that’s just so islandy about the combination of these flavors. And whether you’re enjoying a drink by the pool, at the beach or simply on your patio, you’ll certainly find yourself in a Carribean mood after you enjoy a couple of these!

Best of all, this pineapple rum sangria is very easy to make. Unlike traditional sangrias — which often require a lot of chopping, peeling and dicing — this recipe requires nothing more than a bag of frozen pineapple. You simply top the pineapple with a dry, white wine and a bottle of rum and voila! Just keep it in the fridge until it’s fiesta time.

When you’re ready to serve it, just top it with a can of pineapple sparkling water, as suggested in this recipe from The Farm Wife Drinks.

Farm Wife Drinks

If you don’t have pineapple sparkling water, you can use coconut sparkling water or lemon sparkling water instead. Even plain sparkling water would do the trick, but you will lose a little of that bold pineapple flavor. You might even dust the rims of the glass with sugar, or perhaps with flaked coconut to really give it that island feel.

You can also take this recipe to the next level by garnishing it with a sprig of fresh mint and a wedge of freshly cut pineapple, as they did over at Five Heart Home.

Five Heart Home

If you want to make the drink even more Instagram-worthy, you can serve it in a tumbler or in a tall glass. Or, how about one of these adorable pineapple cups?

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Suddenly, we’re in the mood for a luau!

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