Pink adopted a shelter puppy while on tour and he is absolutely adorable

Pink is known for her larger-than-life personality and tough-as-nails attitude, but underneath that fearless exterior lies a tender, giving heart.

Known for being a dog-lover and animal-rights champion, Pink has been outspoken in the past against people wearing fur, and she has posted rescue dogs profiles on her Instagram page before. In 2011, she even paid $5,000 for a life-saving surgery for an abused puppy.

And now Pink is yet again championing canines, this time by adopting a dog while on tour in Nashville. She posted a photo on Instagram of her daughter Willow (age 7) cuddling the latest addition to the Hart family. The dog appears to be a boxer mix and is named “Nash”…perfect!

Pink sadly lost her beloved dog of 16 years back in 2018, but as you can see from this post of her and Nash on her Instagram, she is finally ready to open her heart to another:

As you can see, the 39-year-old performer is using the hashtag #adoptdontshop, helping to spread the important message that there are millions of good dogs and cats in shelters who are deserving of a loving home. An estimated 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year, and the sad fact is that only 1 out of 10 dogs born will find a loving home.

How heartbreaking. In light of these statistics, many people are trying spread the message about why adopting is so important. There are so many myths about shelter animals (for example, that the animals are aggressive or destructive), but the reality is that most pets end up in a shelter because they were strays. Many people sadly also believe that purebred dogs will have better temperaments than shelter dogs, but again, this is false.

In fact, according to the ASPCA, “while bloodlines and histories are useful tools to assess an animal’s value, they are limited in terms of predicting behavior.”

In other words, buying a dog versus adopting a dog cannot give you a guarantee that the pup will have a sweeter disposition, and indeed many purebred dogs often have health issues due to the breeding process, especially if the breeder is not reputable.

On the other hand, shelters do everything in their power to help ensure that adopting families and pups are a good match, because their goal is saving lives, not making a profit.

(And if this has you inspired to volunteer or donate at your local shelter, here are the things most shelters need.)

Kudos to Pink for promoting shelter adoptions, and we’re happy that Nash found a great forever home!

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