I’m A Real Boy! Disney Is Making ‘Pinocchio’ Into Live-Action Film

Need more Disney movies in your life? Childhood classic “Pinocchio” is returning to the big screen, but this time we’re getting a live-action remake. The original “Pinocchio” premiered way back in 1940, and was only the second-ever animated Disney film.

Originating in Tuscany, Italy, during the 1880s, “Pinocchio” tells the story of a wooden puppet in a toymaker’s workshop who longs to become a real boy. He gets his change to become real, but along the way he has adventures that teach him right from wrong.

According to Variety, Paul King, director the “Paddington” movies and the upcoming “Willy Wonka” prequel, is in talks to direct. The script will be written by “Wonder” writer Jack Thorne. So far, casting for the film seems to be under wraps.

The remake will use both live action and CGI, similar to Disney’s 2016 production of “The Jungle Book” and their upcoming film “The Lion King.” I’m guessing the magic of CGI will come in handy for each time Pinocchio’s nose grows when he tells a lie.

The World Premiere of Disney's 'THE JUNGLE BOOK'
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

“Pinocchio” will not start production until this fall, so it will likely be some time before it hits theaters. Disney has a number of other live-action remakes of animated classics in the works, including “Mulan,” “Aladdin,” “Peter Pan,” “Christopher Robin” (a character from “Winnie The Pooh”) “Dumbo” and “Cruella” (a character from “101 Dalmations”).

Disney’s live-action strategy is clearly working, as recent remakes such as “The Jungle Book” have been huge box office and critical success stories.

One reason for their popularity may be that the films offer another vehicle for fans to get another taste of their favorite and most beloved characters. “For many audiences, these characters are Disney’s superheroes,” Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Marvel has Captain America, Iron Man, Thor. Disney has Belle, Cinderella, Simba.”

Bailey pointed also pointed out that Disney’s “original” animated films are already remakes in a way themselves, as most are adapted from classic fairy tales. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!