Pop-Secret Rolls Out Funfetti-Flavored Popcorn

Pop Secret

Microwave popcorn is the ultimate snack food. It’s easy to make, perfect for sharing, and it’s a relatively guilt-free choice if you’re counting fat grams and calories.

And now Pop Secret is making America’s favorite snack even more delicious with their latest, limited-edition creation: Popfetti popcorn!

Yes… Funfetti cake-inspired popcorn. What a time to be alive! The Pop Secret Popfetti is flavored to taste like yellow cake with buttercream frosting, and it comes adorned with patriotic red and blue sprinkles.

The junk-food reviewers over at Junk Food Banter gave the Popfetti a solid positive review, saying:

“It has a delicate balance of sweet & salty with some vanilla frosting notes and a bit of butter flavor to boot…The red & blue sprinkles are festive additions and have the texture of Pop Rocks (without any explosion factor).”

Sounds yummy to me! Sweet and salty is the perfect flavor combination, which explains why popcorn flavors like Kettle Corn are so popular, but the addition of vanilla frosting and sprinkles really makes this Popfetti flavor unique. If you’re a fan of adding sweet candy like Raisinets or Sno-Caps into your popcorn at the movie theater, I bet you are going to love this new Pop Secret flavor!

So where can you find Popfetti? Pop Secret tells their hungry fans to look at places like Walgreens, Smart and Final, Wakefern, Giant Eagle, and Food Lion.

If you want to try Popfetti but it is nowhere near your local stores, don’t worry. You can create your own Birthday Cake Flavored with this simple recipe from Tasty Kitchen. It’s so easy to make and it would make the perfect snack to bag up and take on a road trip or to keep the kids quiet during a long airplane ride.

Tasty Kitchen

Have you seen Popfetti on your local shelves? Did you try it yet? Let us know how it tastes in the comments!

h/t: Pop Secret

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